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RED ALERT: Kitty Missile Launch

This is just a warning to anyone who might F*** with our country…

We will unleash upon you atomic nuclear missiles capable of wiping out your entire existence….

You have been warned….

The Kitty Missile / Cat Projectile

Developed during the cold war by Dr. Walter Bishop for the LOLcats Treadmill Projectile Project

LOL Cats Try to Understand Treadmill

This is just too much fun to watch! I swear I can put this on loop and watch it for hours! Cat videos make my day…. does that make me gay? (that question rhymes…. perhaps I am gay sometimes…… SHIT!)

So who do you think took this round of  “CATS vs TREADMILL” ??!?!?!?!!!

LOL Cats Try to Understand Treadmill

LOL Cats Try to Understand Treadmill

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