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what does pc stand for in business

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A professional corporation can provide numerous benefits, yet it also has tax rate implications for people in specific professions who wish to take advantage of corporation status. Malpractice protection is often why professionals file as a PC to avoid financial liability for the wrongdoings of others in the practice.

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what does pc stand for in business

Because licensed professionals must adhere to a strict code of professional ethics, professional corporations cannot shield these workers from those ethical requirements. Any liability arising from lapses in ethical conduct can still attach to members of a professional corporation. The main reason to set up your business as a PC is to limit your personal liability from lawsuits and business debts. This doesn’t protect you from every financial responsibility, but it helps.

The difference between a PC and a PLLC is ultimately the same as the difference between a regular corporation and a regular LLC. One major difference is how these entities are taxed. With a PLLC, you can choose to be taxed like a C corp or an S corp, but the far more common option is taxation as a pass-through entity. Only active-duty military members who relocate due to PCS orders or, in some cases, their unaccompanied family members, can deduct moving expenses.

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If you need help with LLCs or PCs, you can post your legal need on UpCounsel’s marketplace. UpCounsel accepts only the top 5 percent of lawyers to its site. Lawyers on UpCounsel come from law schools such as Harvard Law and Yale Law and average 14 years of legal experience, including work with or on behalf of companies Google, Menlo Ventures, and Airbnb. You might also like some similar terms related to PC to know more about it. This site contains various terms related to bank, Insurance companies, Automobiles, Finance, Mobile phones, software, computers,Travelling, School, Colleges, Studies, Health and other terms. This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of PC explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms.

  • The main reason to set up your business as a PC is to limit your personal liability from lawsuits and business debts.
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  • Before starting your practice, be sure you understand PLLCs, and how they differ from LLCs and other business structures.
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Most professional corporations are classified as “personal service corporations” by the IRS and must file a professional corporation tax return. As of 2018, all professional corporations pay a flat tax rate of 21%. The letters “PC” after a business’s name stand for professional corporation. Prerelease Final Cut Pro 10.6 tested using a complex 2-minute project with 4K ProRes 422 media. Performance tests are conducted using specific computer systems and reflect the approximate performance of MacBook Pro. Tested with prerelease Final Cut Pro 10.5 using a 55-second clip with 4K Apple ProRes RAW media, at 4096×2160 resolution and 59.94 frames per second, transcoded to Apple ProRes 422. Performance tests are conducted using specific computer systems and reflect the approximate performance of MacBook Air.

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While LLCs have no similar alternatives, owners can “elect” to have their company taxed as a corporation, should this be advantageous. The letters “PC” after a business’s name stand for professional corporation. Professional corporations enjoy some, but not all, of the same liability protections as general corporations. Many states, like Delaware, reserve the designation of Professional Corporation for licensed professionals, like doctors, accountants and architects. Each state is governed by its own corporate laws, so specific statutes regarding professional corporations vary. Organizing a professional corporation is not necessarily the only option. Indeed, it is not as popular as it once was due to tax law changes.

what does pc stand for in business

A disadvantage, however, is that members of an LLC are generally required to carry a high level of malpractice insurance. PCs must usually be organized to offer only one professional service per corporation. For example, a group of doctors and accountants cannot create one PC to practice their very different professions. LLCs may offer all lawful products and services as any other legal company structure permits. Owners need not be individually licensed, although the LLC must be licensed to do business in many jurisdictions. LLCs and PCs typically offer the personal asset protection of corporations.

The general category of the PC or PSC can be as S-corporation, C-corporation, or LLC, but with subcategorization as a PC or PSC. Legal regulations applying to professional corporations typically differ in important ways from those applying to other corporations. Unlike a traditional corporation, operation as a professional corporation does not insulate a professional for personal liability for her own negligence or malpractice.

Personal Asset Protection

PCs are taxed at a flat rate percent — which is higher than most personal tax rates paid by LLC owners. Generally, PCs must be incorporated by a licensed professional in the field in which the PC provides services. A professionally incorporated law firm must be formed by a licensed attorney. A professionally incorporated accounting firm must be formed by a licensed accountant. Each state has individual licensing requirements for regulated professions. PCs that operate across state lines must comply which each state’s requirements. is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services.

PLLCs must be formed by licensed professionals in the field in which they offer services. PLLC appears after the name of a professional limited liability company, just as PC follows the name of a professional corporation. As a licensed professional starting a solo practice, choosing the right business structure starts with understanding your options. Both limited liability companies and professional corporations have advantages and disadvantages in terms of taxation and personal liability protection. An LLC and a PC are similar, but also are distinct forms of business structures. LLCs — limited liability companies — offer the best features of proprietorships and partnerships, with the added personal asset protection offered by corporations.

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The Internal Revenue Service changed that in 1986, classifying all PCs as professional service corporations and charging them a flat 35 percent tax rate. Although the tax break is no longer available for PCs, other advantages make it appeal to some business owners. But the firm refrained from producing these electronic data-processing systems until Watson’s son, Thomas Watson, Jr., became president of the company in 1952 and sponsored an all-out push into that field. Having entered the computer field, IBM’s size allowed it to invest heavily in development. By the 1960s it was producing 70 percent of the world’s computers and 80 percent of those used in the United States. In many social or business situations, the term “significant other” refers to someone that offers support to another person as a friend, family member, partner, or spouse. Does not refer to gender or specifically romantic entanglements, and does not specify the nature of the relationship.

what does pc stand for in business

However, the shareholders, directors, and officers must belong to the same profession. PCs aren’t as popular as they once were, in part because of tax law changes and in part because LLCs or PLLCs provide the same limited liability protection as a PC does and are easier to run.

Are there any restrictions on who can own a PC or PLLC? In most states, only individuals licensed to practice in the profession for which the PC or PLLC is being formed may be shareholders or members of the PC or PLLC. This is a two-level tax system as PCs’ profits are taxed at the company level and again at the shareholders’ level. The IRS levies a 35 percent flat tax rate on PCs profits and then they’re distributed to shareholders in the form of dividends. The content displayed is for information only and does not constitute an endorsement by, or represent the view of, The Hartford. In today’s world of test messages and emojis, knowing how to write a formal letter is powerful knowledge.


PCs do not offer their owners protection from malpractice claims. Successful malpractice suits can expose professionals to personal asset seizure, attachment and liens. PCs do protect owners from personal asset exposure from malpractice suits filed against a fellow owner. Like all corporations, LLC owners enjoy personal asset protection, unless creditors prove company fraud or misrepresentation. In these cases, U.S. courts do not hesitate to remove the owners’ personal asset protection. If you are a licensed professional, you may have been advised to set up a professional limited liability company, or PLLC.

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