Giving Away 12 Massages from and BlueWater Day Spa

Has the craziness of work been stressing you and your loved ones out?

Well no need to worry! We understand how work can really affect your personal life and we definitely want nothing more than a healthy and productive lifestyle for all of you!

With that said, we are happy to announce that we will be giving away 12 massages! And not just any massage, we’re giving away the ultra-luxurious “Combo Herbal Massage” from BlueWater Day Spa! For you and your loved ones!

Take a break from the city life and indulge in a total relaxation with this BlueWater Day Spa massage using a combination of Swedish and Shiatsu techniques. Made more potent with steamed herbal packs from Thailand, the treatment offers relief from stress, headaches and aching muscles, purifies the skin and reduces lung congestion.


A massage that targets tense muscles using a combination of Swedish and Shiatsu techniques. The natural medicinal property from the herbal pack ensures relief from stress, headache and other pains.


Soothes and relax tensed and overworked muscles
Eliminates aches and pains, improves the appearance of the skin
Reduces congestion of the lungs, sinuses and bronchi
Disinfects cuts and superficial wounds
Stimulates the senses

How to win:


1. Post a picture of you (or your friends) showing how stressed out you (or your friends) are because of work on our Facebook page –

2. Write a caption for the photo saying why you (or your friend) need this massage from The Agent Pool

3. Copy and paste this and add it to your caption: de-stress with a massage contest! Giving away TWELVE MASSAGES to help take away the stress from all the hard work you do! Find out how here-

4. Tag your friends in the picture

The top 4 pictures with the most “Likes” wins A PAIR of these ultra luxurious Combo Herbal Massages for you and your loved ones. Then, we’ll pick 2 more of our favorite pictures, which are funny, witty, cool and nice, and give away 2 more pairs of massages EACH!!!

So what are you waiting for??!?!? This will be a great gift for a friend, loved one, or for yourself!

Contest ends on Feb 4, 2011.