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My guests today for “Edumacate Me” are from Attraxion Arts – “edumacating” us on the Art of Seduction!

Ryu, is the CEO, Founder, Lead Instructor for the premier dating and lifestyle seduction company in the Philippines, Attraxion Arts, or X Arts for short – a company that trains men to master “natural” seduction skills, and the art of awesomeness. He believes that every man already has got the X-Factor, that attractiveness factor, inherent in them, and that it is his job to unleash it from inside the person.

P.S. He’s currently reviewing for the 2010 Bar Examinations for Lawyers this coming September.

Nomer, is a prominent Dating Coach and Instructor for X Arts. He is also a well-known magician, and one of the leading mentalists in the Philippines. As a natural magician, he is adept at applying magic, NLP and hypnotism in seduction.

July, is the professional female instructor, fashion specialist, and gorgeous diva of X Arts. She’s also the counterpart “dating coach” for women, and is the embodiment of women empowerment. She is also working as a professional model and events organizer for some clubs.

On this day Aug 28

1965 Gemini 5, carrying astronauts Gordon Cooper and Charles “Pete” Conrad, splashed down in the Atlantic after eight days in space.
1966 The Beatles performed their last concert, at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.
1996 President Bill Clinton’s chief political strategist, Dick Morris, resigned amid a scandal over his relationship with a prostitute.
2000 Pope John Paul II endorsed organ donation and adult stem cell study but condemned human cloning and embryo experiments.


Celebrity Birthdays

Richard Gere, 61, actor (Chicago, An Officer and a Gentleman, Pretty Woman), born Philadelphia, PA, Aug 29, 1949.
Robin Leach, 69, television host (“Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”), born London, England, Aug 29, 1941.
John Sidney McCain III, 74, US Senator (R, Arizona), born Panama Canal Zone, Aug 29, 1936.
William Edward (Will) Perdue III, 45, former basketball player, born Melbourne, FL, Aug 29, 1965.

#1 Song Today,

THE 1980s

1989 Right Here Waiting Richard Marx
1988 Monkey George Michael
1987 Who’s That Girl Madonna
1986 Papa, Don’t Preach Madonna
1985 The Power of Love Huey Lewis & the News
1984 Ghostbusters Ray Parker, Jr.
1983 Every Breath You Take The Police
1982 Eye of the Tiger Survivor
1981 Endless Love Diana Ross & Lionel Richie
1980 Magic Olivia Newton-John

Mr. Know it All (useless info of the day)

Hooters Are Getting Huger

A few years ago some UK researchers turned to the world and said “We have good news and we have better news”. The good news was that someone actually gave them money to study boob sizes around the world. The better news was that their findings showed that, worldwide, breasts are getting bigger and bigger.

Just in the UK alone, the average bra size had gone up from 34B to a way juicier 36C. As for the rest of the world, breast sizes had been continuously going up for the last 10-15 years, averaging now almost an entire cup bigger than just a decade ago. If this trend continues, someday we might actually need an M-cup bra size.

Plastic surgeries must have some part in this, but diet and lifestyles cannot be ignored. We definitely eat more and exercise less now, and all that fat has to go somewhere – the fact that it seems to be going mainly to breasts is the best evidence that God exists and that he loves us.

Fact or Fiction

Adding baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to Mountain Dew will cause it to glow in the dark.


Despite what you may have seen on YouTube, adding baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to a bottle of Mountain Dew will not make it glow in the dark. These videos are a hoax — something else is either added to the bottle off-camera (such as the contents of a glow stick), or careful editing allows the bottle to be substituted for another with glowing contents. In any case, if you try this at home, you’ll be sorely disappointed with the results.

Reason to party today – coz it’s happy hour somewhere in the world.

Philippines: National Heroes’ Day

Aug 29. National holiday. The last Sunday in August. Commemorates the Aug 26, 1896, beginning of the Philippine fight for independence from Spain.

Moment of Zen

“Kind words do not cost much. They never blister the tongue or lips. They make other people good-natured. They also produce their own image on men’s souls, and a beautiful image it is.” Blaise Pascal

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