THIS has got to be the COOLEST and BEST contest we’ve had!!! Why is it so cool? Coz you get to bring your entire barkada to spend a day in luxury!

That’s right! Your entire barkada or family of 10 people will win the prize to experience BlueWater Day Spa’s Movie Theater Massage!

You’ll get to pick your own movie and bring your barkada and/or your family with you!!! ALL 10 of you will enjoy a High Definition (HD) movie of your choice while getting the luxurious massage by BlueWater Day Spa!!!!

Imagine being able to treat your family and/or your barkada to this luxurious treat!!!

So, how does that sound?

All you have to do is post a picture of your family and/or barkada on our Facebook page –, have the proper captions and get the most likes on your photo!

You can use any photo of your friends and barkada and it does not have to be the exact people who will be going. ANY PICTURE of you and your friends and/or family will do even if not all 10 of you are on the picture or if different people are in the picture. Again, just post ANY PICTURE of you and some friends / barkada / family on the When In Manila Facebook Page and get the most”Likes.”


1. You MUST post the picture on the When In Manila Facebook Page –

2. Tag at least 10 people on the picture

3. In the caption for the photo, tell us about your family / barkada and why it would be cool to win this.

4. Copy and paste this to your picture caption as well – “I want to win the BlueWater Day Spa and FAMILY / BARKADA MOVIE MASSAGE contest! TEN FRIENDS! 10 FAMILY and/or BARKADA MEMBERS will get to experience BlueWater Day Spa’s movie theater massage! High Definition (HD) movie and massage for me and my barkada!!! Just for posting a picture here. More info –

5. Get the most “Likes” on your picture

Winner announced on Oct 31, Sunday at 10:30am.

To find out more about BlueWater Day Spa, check out our posts on

FAMILY / BARKADA Contest: 10 FRIENDS to Experience the BlueWater Day Spa HD Movie Theater Massage!

Only redeemable at BlueWater Day Spa Ortigas branch. Valid for 2 months after end of contest. Redeemable Mon-Thurs 2-6pm.

2nd Floor Greentop Condominium, BPI Bldg, Ortigas Avenue, San Juan, Metro Manila
Tel No. : 724 – 04-26 . 727-84-20
Cel. No. : 0917.8156.659

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