The WhyNot?Forum was inspired by TEDTalks, wherein leading thinkers and doers around the world share their thoughts, ideas, dreams, and experiences, which are then posted on the web for all the world to see.

We envision the WhyNot? Forum as an advocate of inspiring filipino ingenuity; It is a smorgasboard of great, brave ideas, an open-source innovation soup that will hopefully inspire other Filipinos to connect adjunct thoughts, take impactful action, and weave together new breakthrough ideas — redefining and challenging the inertia of the status quo;

All in the spirit of positive change for the Philippines.



August 22, 2010 2pm-6pm Ayala Museum, Makati CBD

Exactly a year ago, Why Not 7.0 asked : Why Not a Reimagination?
As the nation opens a new chapter, Why Not? asks NOW WHAT?

Join us as our speakers answer the question :

Bill Luz – Now What for Philippine Business?
Rico Hizon – Now What for the Global Pinoy?
Noel Cabangon – Now What para sa mga Mabubuting Pinoy?
Reese Fernandez – Now What for Social Development?
Alex Lacson – Now What for Good Citizenship?
Ogie Alcasid – Now What for the Pinoy Entertainment Industry?

Answer the question with us. See you at WhyNot? Forum 8.0
August 22, 2010. 2pm – 6pm at the Ayala Museum, Makati CBD.

Regular entrance fee : P250. Student price : P200

email for reservations.