Does your friend Dan look a lot like that Road Runner Cartoon? Maybe your aunt Shelby is starting to look a tad bit like Richie Rich? Is your buddy Paul looking like the Smurfs? Are over 50% of your friends starting to look like cartoon characters?

If you’re wondering about the whole “cartoon pictures for facebook profile” thing that’s going on right now, then fear not. You have not teleported into an inter-dimentional portal where cartoon characters rule the world. Instead, the cartoon character pictures are merely a symbol of people’s advocacy against violence towards kids.

The whole cartoon character profile picture thing started when this little note started making its rounds on Facebook:

“Change your facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until monday (Dec.6) there should be no human faces on FB, but an invasion of memories. THIS IS A CAMPAIGN TO STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDRENing its rounds on Facebook”

Cool as this cause may seem, it was later discovered that there is no official event, organization or committee that is managing this. Instead, reports even say that it may have initially started as a joke or even a dare just to get someone to change their profile picture to that of a cartoon character.

Either way, there isn’t really much harm done, other than a cartoonish looking portrait on your profile.

It was too hard for me to pick just one cartoon, so here’s my top 5 picks for Best Cartoon Pics for Facebook.

*Not on here, but would be if I wasn’t so sleepy at freakin’ 2:06am…. would be the Ghostbusters, He-Man and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

5. Daria – Ultimate 90s Cartoon!

If I had to sum up the 90s into three words… it would be: “Like totally dude.”

On the other hand, if I had to sum up the 90s into one word, it would be “DARIA”

Daria Morgendorffer is a smart & cynical girl who goes through teenage life as an proud outsider in a world of mainly idiotic teens and condescending adults. This MTV series had a great run with many episodes often referencing current events in pop culture.

The people of Lawndale just don’t get Daria Morgendorffer. She’s cool with that. See, Daria was born alienated, and now she’s just trying to make it through high school with as little human contact as possible. Popularity, friends, activities… whatever. Daria lacks enthusiasm, but she makes up for it with sarcasm. Daria is the spin-off of MTV’s most sucessful cartoon, Beavis and Butt-Head.

Like…. totally dude.

4. Spiderman and His Amazing Friends and those other old school Marvel Cartoons

I don’t know about you…. but I first had a geekgasm after discovering Spiderman had amazing friends. Of course, this awesomeness of a show was aptly named: “Spiderman and his Amazing Friends” as creativity was not discovered until the mid 90s.

Other than Spiderman, Iceman and Firestar, there were also the other 60s Marvel cartoons like the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, The Submariner and more! They all showed right after class and I remember rushing home to see them! Ahhhh, the memories… CLANG BAM POW!


3. Thunder Cats and their Hoes

Thunder…. Thunder…. THUNDER CATS…. HOOOOOOOO!!!

Let’s face it… this cartoon just had waaay too many adult related imageries that still haunts our minds. From Lion-O’s sword getting a boner every time he sees the other characters in their dominatrix outfits to Cheetara’s very revealing outfit; this was definitely one of my favorites! Oh and my sword got long and hard too whenever I saw Cheetara….


2. G.I. Joe

Knowing is half the battle and watching the G.I. Joes usually took up half the time I was supposed to spend studying. This racist cartoon, where all Asians knew karate and all black dudes rhymed when they spoke, was one amazing misrepresentation of wars and the military. But hella fun to watch! YO JOE!


The man had his own G.I. Joe character, and the cartoon version's arms had to be toned down from from their original size in order to fit on the TV screen.

He'll fight for freedom wherever there's trouble! G.I

1. ORIGINAL Transformers Cartoon Profile Pic

Let’s face it, those robots that turned into cars were the coolest thins ever! And no, I’m not talking about the GoBots…. I’m talking about the Autobots and Decepticons! Also, though Megan Fox really gave us our money’s worth, nothing beats the original Transformers! ROLL OUT!

Anyway, sorry but let me change my title from: Best Cartoon Pics for Facebook: Carton Characters Invade Profile Pictures Online to just: