The world famous voting event known as the Philippine Elections are soon to be underway.

The last time I was in the Philippines for an election was waaaay before I really cared any bit about politics or anything with the adult world. I was much more concerned about Transformers, GI Joes, He-Man and the Thundercats back then. But now, this is something important that will affect the lives of millions.

On the ballot are a bunch of crazy candidates. We have a guy who has an expensive last name, a guy who is a business tycoon from the streets of Compton (locally known as Tondo), a guy who was kicked out of the club but really wants to come back, a girl who wears the pants and quite a few more mixed nuts in there.

Anyway, what I found really interesting about this American Idol copycat of an event, is that we may know who will win this Philippine Election thing through 7-11. No I’m not talking about a July 11th. I’m talking about your favorite “I need a Slurpee at 2am” convenient store!

7-11 has launched a campaign to try and gauge who will win this Dance-off. With their Presidential Cup, you get to cast a vote with every cup of sugar water that you buy!

It’s a great strategy to play on the emotions of people. I’d really like to see if this does end up raising sales because your candidate is lagging by a Coke and three Sprites.

All you have to do us make sure you pick the cup of the candidate you support. The cashiers at 7-eleven will then scan the barcode of the cup and your vote will get entered into the system. You can check the stats on Now you can literally drink to your candidate!

So go ahead people! Cast your vote and buy your cup so that 7-11 can tally the scores and predict the outcome of this crazy race. If they get it right, I may have to tap 7-11 for some info on the horse races too…

7-11-seven-eleven-presidential-cup-philippine-elections-Gulp-voting-campaign (3)

7-11-seven-eleven-presidential-cup-philippine-elections-Gulp-voting-campaign (1)

7-11-seven-eleven-presidential-cup-philippine-elections-Gulp-voting-campaign (4)

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The Presidential Cup has Begun! An inside look at this cool marketing campaign