If you haven’t heard, there’s this blog going around the internet that’s really bothering me. It’s from a self proclaimed “cat serial killer”, Joseph Carlo Candare, who hates cats but enjoys hurting and killing them. It’s really disturbed me not only because I love cats but also because am very appalled by those who abuse their power over others who cannot defend themselves. Below is my comment on his blog and also a re-post of his original entry (he took it down after the masses expressed their opposition of his actions).


Joseph’s friends are right, he shouldn’t be apologizing to these people… the only ones Joseph Carlo Candare should be apologizing to are the cats he has hurt!

It’s not about what you harm — a cat, a horse a monkey, or a person. The fact is that those who have power should not abuse it over those who don’t. A person clearly has the power to jump on a cat, expose it to extreme suffering and even end its life. But those mature adults who are responsible, considerate and humane would not ever invoke pain or suffering on those who cannot defend themselves.

This is no different than domestic violence, when a stronger man would beat up a weaker woman; or child abuse, when a grown adult would hurt a defenseless child.

So if anything, I really hope that people think before they act. Joseph, you imposed a lot of pain and tremendous suffering into another LIVING, BREATHING creature. Please put yourself in the shoes (or paws) of that harmless and powerless being and try to empathize next time before you go on your power trips.

You know you remind me of another person who believed he was superior to others and that his hatred towards them justified his deranged actions. He believed in his ascendancy so much, that he was able to rally a whole nation into “cleansing” themselves of those whom they thought were inferior. Today we know this event as the Holocaust… and the person who bravely led this movement was Adolph Hitler.

I hope others can learn from this…