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Cat Playing with Dolphin Viral Video


Have you seen this adorable video of a cat with his / her playmates… which happen to be dolphins!?!?

This cat playing with dolphins video has gone viral on YouTube. It was posted about a week ago and was already re-posted quite a few times. But if you add up the views from the different “Cat playing with Dolphins” videos, you’ll see that it’s well over a million views already.

Anyway, enjoy this video of the cat playing with the dolphin.


Cat Playing with Dolphin Viral Video

Cat Hug Pics and Kitty Cuddle Cat Pictures

Ok, I randomly got inspired to make people smile today. The best way I know is to give you a hug! It’ll be hard to do that with so many of my friends all around the world…. so instead, here are some kitty hugs for you!

Warning, cat hugs guaranteed to make you smile or cringe due to absolute cheesiness…..

Cat hugs for everyone!


Kitty Hug


Kitty Cuddle type cat hug




More cat hugs and kitty cuddles




And more cat hug kitty cuddle cheesiness


Cat hugs friends



monkey hugs cat


Cat Hug Pics and Kitty Cuddle Cat Pictures

cat hug


Cute cat pics cat pictures




Cat Hug Kitty Cuddle Pics

RED ALERT: Kitty Missile Launch

This is just a warning to anyone who might F*** with our country…

We will unleash upon you atomic nuclear missiles capable of wiping out your entire existence….

You have been warned….

The Kitty Missile / Cat Projectile

Developed during the cold war by Dr. Walter Bishop for the LOLcats Treadmill Projectile Project

LOL Cats Try to Understand Treadmill

This is just too much fun to watch! I swear I can put this on loop and watch it for hours! Cat videos make my day…. does that make me gay? (that question rhymes…. perhaps I am gay sometimes…… SHIT!)

So who do you think took this round of  “CATS vs TREADMILL” ??!?!?!?!!!

LOL Cats Try to Understand Treadmill

LOL Cats Try to Understand Treadmill

Bothering me… cat serial killer

If you haven’t heard, there’s this blog going around the internet that’s really bothering me. It’s from a self proclaimed “cat serial killer”, Joseph Carlo Candare, who hates cats but enjoys hurting and killing them. It’s really disturbed me not only because I love cats but also because am very appalled by those who abuse their power over others who cannot defend themselves. Below is my comment on his blog and also a re-post of his original entry (he took it down after the masses expressed their opposition of his actions).


Joseph’s friends are right, he shouldn’t be apologizing to these people… the only ones Joseph Carlo Candare should be apologizing to are the cats he has hurt!

It’s not about what you harm — a cat, a horse a monkey, or a person. The fact is that those who have power should not abuse it over those who don’t. A person clearly has the power to jump on a cat, expose it to extreme suffering and even end its life. But those mature adults who are responsible, considerate and humane would not ever invoke pain or suffering on those who cannot defend themselves.

This is no different than domestic violence, when a stronger man would beat up a weaker woman; or child abuse, when a grown adult would hurt a defenseless child.

So if anything, I really hope that people think before they act. Joseph, you imposed a lot of pain and tremendous suffering into another LIVING, BREATHING creature. Please put yourself in the shoes (or paws) of that harmless and powerless being and try to empathize next time before you go on your power trips.

You know you remind me of another person who believed he was superior to others and that his hatred towards them justified his deranged actions. He believed in his ascendancy so much, that he was able to rally a whole nation into “cleansing” themselves of those whom they thought were inferior. Today we know this event as the Holocaust… and the person who bravely led this movement was Adolph Hitler.

I hope others can learn from this…


Write the Best Headlines. EVER. (Digg teaches us how to get clicks)

If a tree falls in the forest but no one hears it, did the tree really fall? If you have the BEST blog post in the world, but no one clicks on it… well… you get my point.

Writing an eye catching / click suckling HEADLINE is often more important than the actual content itself. I mean, you can have the best story or blog post in the world, but if no one clicks on it to read it, then it’ll be nothing but another lost blog post in the vast spaces of the internet.

So here we “Digg” for help from Digg.com to see how to write the best blog titles or headlines. EVER. Let’s see which headlines got the most clicks from 2009 and what techniques we can use to get the same results!

(Thanks to my Advance Internet Marketing Mentor, Jomar Hilario, for inspiring these priceless lessons. To find out more about him or to join his Advance Internet Marketing Classes, check out http://jomarhilario.com)

Here are a few tips on how you should draft your next headlines or blog titles! Also, I attached pics of the actual headlines used on the popular news story voting website, Digg.com that got the most Diggs (or clicks) from that Digg community. Let’s learn from the masters.

How to write the best blog titles or headlines. EVER.

(according to Digg)

1. Big Corporations Doing Injustice to Small Things


It’s the classic David vs Goliath story. Everyone wants to hear about, and route for, the less powerful underdog who is somehow being mistreated by the giant tyrant. People will click on that headline of the little guy trying to overcome the injustice brought about by some power-tripping big guy. You click on this title beacause you relate to stories like this and quickly associate yourself with the underdog, hoping to one day overcome your own big corporate injustices. Stick it to the man, just like we want to but don’t have the guts to do!

Kidnappers vs John

2. Eavesdropping Stories with Personal Info


As much as you may hate to admit it, we’re all intrigued by personal stories of personal lives with even more personal dirt, drama and secrets. We’ll click on that very real story of something happening to someone else and mock them for how stupid, crazy or idiotic they may be. Laughing at someone else’s expense is always a leisure that we unfortunately enjoy a bit too much. We each have our own little skeletons in our closets and it’s just funny to see how others react when theirs come out. I swear my mouse has a mind of it’s own and clicks on these controversial headlines. Exclusive leaked top secret stories sell!

Pat Robertson’s Secret Pact with the Devil

3. This is Why I Love _____ !!!!!


Good stories that are passionate and well written usually stem from extreme feelings. Loving something so much that you write an article about it is usually a great idea that translates into great writing. Your viewers can relate to you liking or loving something just as they do themselves. So write about what you love and share it with the world. Chances are, they’ll click on this headline to find out more about what you love and why you love it.

This is why I love Steve Jobs

4. Best ____ I’ve Seen Today that Will Surely Make You Smile


99.999999% of people like smiling. So why would anyone not want to click on something that will make them smile?

Funny video that will surely make you smile today

5. Mention “Facebook” “Twitter” or other popular sites


It’s already popular, so ride that wave! You’ll click on these headlines because it possibly holds relevant information or stories to something you use or associate yourself with.

Secret Hottie on Facebook

6. “Did you know? It will BLOW YOUR MIND!”


Don’t ask and don’t change anything. This is as good as it comes!

“Did you know?” Well, you probably didn’t know since you don’t even know what this headline is talking about, and mind blowing things are really cool So you’ll click. You know you will.

Did you know? It will blow your mind!

7. Why ____ should rethink _____


You’ll click on this because it challenges something you like. You immediately relate to it and wonder: “Why the hell should I rethink _____!!??!?!” So you click on it.

Why you should rethink wearing Skirts

8. How _____ should have ended…


Insert popular movie title in the blank for this headline. Again, riding a wave of popularity already. You can plug in whatever advocacy or product your selling as long as you do it in a semi comedic way. Spoof it, and they will come…

How Lord of the Rings should have ended

9. The ____ of the future has arrived


You definitely want to know what happens in the future. No one really knows this, but we’re intrigued to hear, see and read about predictions. I predict that in the future, you will click on a headline that talks about how things will be in the future.

Olympics of the Future

10. Best. ___. EVER.

best-wedding-invite-ever-write-best-headlines-ever-digg-how-to-best-of-2009 most-badass-epitaph-ever-digg-writes-bestest-article-titles-ever-written

If it’s the best EVER, then it has to be clicked on! In fact, clicking on headlines that talk about best things EVER, is the best idea. EVER.

Coolest Restaurant. EVER.

11. Insert “Cat” anywhere


Cat Kitty Kitten Cute-Lil-Kitty-Witty…. doesn’t matter, but in this LOLCATS crazy world of ours, having cats online is nothing but a good thing. Not sure why but it’s been proven time and again, that the internet loves cats and / or little cute furry things. So referencing kitties, bunnies and puppies, as well as adding pictures of them, will just make people smile and want to share that smile with others (refer to: tip # 4 on headlines that will surely make you smile).

Cat in the sink explains what PageRank (PR) really means