I remember a co-worker of mine named George, always had this pet peeve against that people who did their  job half-assed. George would say that it’s such a waste of time  because though you may have been able to rush through the task initially, in the end, you’d just end up having to re-do the entire job or even end up with more work to do, just to cover up for the initial half-assedness… (is that a word?)


With that said I’m now making a pledge of “TOTAL CARE.”

Total care applies to everything from caring about my loved ones, caring about my planet, caring about both my girlfriends… and caring about my health!

First and foremost with my health would be my teeth. You’ve all heard the dentist tell you that the best way to protect them is do the trifecta! Brush, Floss and Gargle!


I’m on my second week of this six week Total Care challenge of Listerine and we’ll see what the dentist says on my evaluation checkup.

As for you guys, my loving readers, NOW is finally the time to make that promise, to make that PLEDGE to yourself to prevent plaque buildup! Reduce that bad plaque, which often leads to serious oral problems! Why wait until it’s too late… your teeth should not be left uncared for!

To help you out! I’m giving away ONE LISTERINE GIFT PACK to the comment with the BEST PLEDGE!

My second pledge would now be to make sure I move my cat out of the way before brushing my teeth….