The holiday season, especially Xmas, seems to be all about giving gifts to everyone. Stressing out about finding the right gift for your special someone, for your mom, dad, siblings, friends, cousins, kids, bosses, co-workers and so much more! Ahhhhhh just thinking about it is stressing me out.

On the other hand, have you ever thought that it might be the perfect time to also reward YOURSELF with a gift? I mean why not? I’m sure you’ve been working hard all year long! You’ve probably overcome a lot of struggles and hardships! So why not reward yourself with a gift this Xmas as well!

So today on my radio program, The Wake Up Show, on Mellow 94.7, we asked our listeners: “What do you want to get for yourself this Xmas? What gift do you want to treat yourself to and why?”



Here are some of my favorite responses we got from our different media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, our textline and more:

Pau Milton: Boyfriend hahaha LOL.. Please say hi to Ariane Abdala,Camiw Caleda & Trinie Tuazon

Catherine Sadao: To have a trip to canada w/ my family.To relax! and a Boyfriend haha!

Nadz Razmi: I already bought my early xmas gift :), an Itouch4 🙂 I love music, ipod applications and most of all the front and back camera of this itouch4, I love the features, me and my Ipod=forever , it will never leave me, it will never get tired of me, and we can always stick together just like a boyfriend or a bestfriend 🙂

Em-Em DueÑas-Mission Valdez Busano: i want a big tent, air bed & portable chairs of my own that i can use for outdoor activities like picnic, campings, etc.

SarahLou: i want to get married on Christmas day joke i want to receive a Clinique perfume and or a trip to Sydney coz i miss grandma hugz

Anon: gud am vince and tracy for xmas i want 2 have a full body bliss spa/massage, facial, mani&pedi. I need a good pampering, pamper me papi! Hahaha…

J: hey hotness ur back. i missed u so much. xmas happens 2 be my bday also so i want a butt-naked photo of vince as a gift(4 whole yr occation na un). haha. hi vince.

Jonaz Lagunzad: well for me all i want for xmas is a penis enlargmet coz i want it big for christmas =D hehehe. thank you…

Sai: all i want for xmas is a boob-job!

LOL, you guys are funny! Anyway, I’ll try to start posting our daily discussions here from now on and then post our favorite responses too!

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