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A selling activity to be held in three (3) days during select payday weekends in eight (8) optical shops.

– Up to 70% off items, sunglasses and optical frames

– GWP for regular-priced item purchase (choose from any limited edition: CK Ballpen, CK Notebook or a Calvin Klein Leather Photo Envelope)

– they will also get one additional free optical frame for every regular CK or Calvin Klein optical frame

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December 8-19, 2010


The Optical Shop, 2/F Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Makati City

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About Calvin Klein

The brand is known as much for its pioneering marketing and advertising campaigns as its minimalist fashions: Brooke and her jeans, Kate and her Obsession, Mark and his tightie-whities. The brand relentlessly expanded and established lucrative licensing deals for jeans, underwear, fragrance, home products, and eyewear.

About CK

The younger sibling to the Calvin Klein Collection, CK was conceived by Calvin Klein in the early nineties as a way to reach his younger audience and connect with the success of Calvin Klein Jeans. Currently under the direction of Kevin Carrigan, the hugely successful mass-market line infuses an urban edge into the brand’s minimalist credo.

About CK and Calvin Klein Eyewear

The name Calvin Klein stands for great designs, latest styles and a very high degree of quality. Its sunglass frames and lenses are extremely lightweight, made from extremely high quality materials and are distinctive, thanks to the range of colors and sizes that they are available in. Besides great looks, Calvin Klein sunglasses offer protection to the eyes. Its lenses provide 100% UV protection and help, not only to look great, but also feel great on hot summer and sunny days.

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Calvin Klein Philippines Eyewear Collection Weekend Sale