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Halloween 2009: UP with Vince

Celebrating Halloween in the U.S. of A. is one of the best experiences that I love coming back to! It’s a billion dollar industry here that’s taken with the utmost sincerity!

See some of my past Halloween costumes here – Halloween Costumes Blast from the Past

This year (2009), I had three choices of what I would dress up as…. the first two costume ideas were…

Single Ladies – LOL LOL LOL !!! This would have been a total hit! This would be from the Beyonce music video to her hit “Single Ladies” which was later on parodied on Saturday Night Live by Justin Timberlake and others. Now the problem with this was that one, none of my other guy friends had the balls to do this with me, and two, we realized that it might not be the best costume for when nature calls. My friend brought up a good point that having to pull off the leatard, pull down the stockings, deal with whatever underwear I’d be wearing, find my way in the dark porta-potty and add to that balance on my heels…. would be an almost impossible task. So kinda shifted away from that.

Kanye West – Kanye’s smooth move at the Video Music Awards would have made this costume SOOOO much fun! I would just be an asshole all night long! I would jump in front of people as they were taking pics and just say “Imma let you finish taking your pic, but I just wanted to say that Beyonce has the best camera ever!” or something to that degree. But I didn’t want to paint myself “black” nor did I want to shave my hair off and add in those crazy swirls or designs he had on his head. So had to pass on this… OMG, but it would have been soo fun!!!

So anywayz, I instead did something that turned out pretty cool… this year, I dressed up as the old man from the Disney / Pixar movie: “UP”

Here I am with two vajayjays….

It was really fun, and I only ran into one other person who did the same thing! I wish I could have had more friends who would have dressed up as the talking dog and the bird in the movie… lol

But yeah, other than the thick coat, bow tie and wig being REALLY hot to dance / drink / party in… it was a lot of fun!

I also highly recommend watching this movie if you haven’t already!

Can’t wait for my next costume party!!!!

Halloween Costumes Blast from the Past

I love Halloween! I’d have to say that it’s the ONLY holiday that I truly live up and follow through with all its customs and traditions.

And no, it’s not just about getting into the stupidest costumes for men and the sluttiest costumes for women. It’s the entire process that goes on long before the ghouls and ghosts come out on Oct 31st.

See, the real Halloween starts weeks, even months before the actual day. It starts the second you realize that the day is slowly arriving and you start brainstorming for your costume. This task alone may take an eternity to overcome….

The next step, whether or not you’ve decided on an outfit, is to actually go out and get your needed clothing and accessories. Some go out specifically in search of an exact costume or materials they need, while the undecided go out for inspiration and help. Either way, this part is one of  my favorites as I go out with friends to try on wigs, hats, teeth, corsets and more!

Your Halloween shopping could take you from Party City, to the Halloween store that just opened last week, and even to thrift stores or Goodwill stores to get your supplies. Slowly but surely, a true Halloween practitioner gets together their entire outfit and then tells all his / her friends about it.

Hopefully, you’ve gotten all the accessories that you need, if not, last minute shopping during Halloween is just as bad as last minute Christmas shopping. So good luck finding those claws or that skirt you need on the last day… I highly recommend getting everything ready waaaaay before the day.

After it’s all said and done, you simply wait for the day… go out to the pre-party…. then continue on with the “slutpocalypse” of a drunken shitfest that we call… HALLOWEEN!!!

Anywayz, here’s some costumes I’ve had in the past… will post a summary and pics from this year’s Halloween when I’m sober enough to type again…

(written last year, 2009)

Dressed as a Chinese Pimp selling my European Hookers

“Who you daddy?!”


Someone give him the damn scalpel!

Lil Jon


Studio 54

Complete with afro and chest hair!

This was really just me being myself…

Geekin’ it out!

At my going away party aptly titled:

“CEOs, Office Hoes& Mr. Golangco’s”

At a masquerade…

But using some snorkeling goggles as my mask.

Oh and I taped a funnel to the snorkle to turn it into a beer bong!

You say idiotic… I say creative.

Army soldier with his GUN!

(kisses biceps while typing)

Cop and robber.

I’m a balla…

School is now in session!

Geek again with my sexy classmate.

Old man, Carl, from the movie UP

It’s a dick in a box!

From the SNL skit titled “Dick in a Box”

Halloween Costumes Blast from the Past