So working on my blog and just thought I’d share the cool new things I’m discovering.

Quick thing is that I just learned a new web term…. lol. A FAVICON!!!! Without the exaggerated CAPS and exclamation points though!!!!

So anywayz, a Favicon is that tiny little icon that appears when your page is bookmarked. If you’re like me, you have a whole list of Favicons on your bookmarks toolbar for all your favorite sites. Oh and this screenshot below is of my Google Chrome Browser btw.

Oh oh oh, and the Favicon I found was the letter G for this site, And please believe that I tried to make my own Favicon, but that resulted in an EPIC FAIL!!! Haha, not really much of an artist when it comes to drawing.

Here’s the pics of my first couple of tries at creating my own Favicon. Some have commented that my artwork reminds them of  one – Vincent Van Gogh….. ahhhh yes, Vincents are truly talented. But just in case my “impressionism” style of  art is beyond your interpretation, I was trying to go for the letters VG for Vince Golangco (or Vincent Gogh). But alas, I am an Avant-garde way ahead of my time. So I just picked the pre-made LetterG Favicon. =P

favicon (1) favicon (2) favicon (3)

So anywayz, it’s really easy to pick one of many many favicons available, or you can upload your own picture, or better yet, for the artists out there, you can even create your own. Just check out and you should be able to create your own Favicon for your site.

Here below is a screenshot of my browser. I circled the my Favicons. that letter W Favicon is for my video blog (though I had nothing to do with that, was my web designer partner). So yeah, this was my first time trying this and I got the Letter G Favicon, underlined, for this site.

Happy Faviconing!