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On Air Mellow 94.7 talking about Iron Man 2, Marc Nelson, Boracay, Cliff Diving

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Listing down all the stuff I talked about on air in case you wanted to check it out. =)

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On Air Mellow 94.7 talking about Iron Man 2, Marc Nelson, Boracay, Cliff Diving

Lots of cool stuff on air! Thanks so much for joining me. We talked about my trip to Boracay and my experience Cliff Diving! Here’s a video of that so you can see for yourself how AWESOME it was!  – Boracay Cliff Diving at Ariel’s Point

We also talked about girls falling in love with Marc Nelson, who I ran into while cliff diving. Though what’s funnier was how guys were falling in love with Marc Nelson as well…. long story… will have a different post on that soon.


Anyway, we also talked about the Iron Man 2 premier which I hosted for Mellow 94.7 last night. It was an ok movie…. but not really one that blew my mind away as much as I would have wanted it to. Still need to see it though coz War Machine was cool, but not on the top of my list for coolest movies by a long shot!

Well will be back on air tomorrow morning. Here’s the other stuff we talked about on “The G-Spot” with DJ Vince G, only on Mellow 94.7

My YouTube Video Pick of the Day

This is a crazy parody of Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s song Telephone. It seems like it’s done by some locals who are VERY resourceful. I’m actually really impressed with the resourcefulness that they have for this low budget video but that really gets the video of Lady Gaga. Yeah it’s a bit Ghetto, but I’m sure they worked with a 0 budget! So any haters out there, I’d like to see you come up with a video like this with no budget. =P

On This Day – May 1

1840 – 1st adhesive postage stamps (“Penny Blacks” from England) issued

1884 – Construction begins on Chicago 1st skyscraper (10 stories)

1884 – Moses Walker became 1st black player in major league

1898 – George Dewey commands, “You may fire when you are ready, Gridley” as US route Spanish fleet at Manila

1908 – World’s most intense rain shower (2.47″ in 3 minutes) at Portobelo Panama

1912 – Beverly Hills Hotel opens

1934 – Philippine legislature accepts US proposal for independence

1931 – Empire State Building opens in NYC

1952 – Mr Potato Head, introduced

1957 – Larry King’s 1st radio broadcast

1964 – 1st BASIC program runs on a computer

1979 – Elton John becomes 1st pop star to perform in Israel

1997 – Toni Blair elected PM of UK

#1 Song Today, May 1st in the 90s:

THE 1990s

1999 No Scrubs TLC
1998 Too Close Next
1997 Hypnotize The Notorious B.I.G.
1996 Always Be My Baby Mariah Carey
1995 This Is How We Do It Montell Jordan
1994 The Sign Ace of Base
1993 Freak Me Silk
1992 Jump Kris Kross
1991 Baby Baby Amy Grant
1990 Nothing Compares 2 U Sinead O’Connor

Fact or Fiction

It’s hotter in the summertime because the Earth is closer to the sun.


The Earth is actually closer to the sun in January, and farthest from the sun in July.  It’s not the distance from the sun that causes the change in seasons, but our position relative to the sun.  The Earth is tilted at a 23.5-degree angle to its orbit around the sun.  In the summer, even though it’s slightly further from the sun, the northern hemisphere is tilted so the sun’s rays hit it more directly than they do in the wintertime, which is what makes it hotter.  Because the days are longer in the summertime, the sun also has more time to heat up the Earth.

The Earth’s tilt is also why the seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere.

Reason to party today – coz it’s happy hour somewhere in the world.

Executive Coaching Day
Join Hands Day
Labor Day (Most of the World)
Mother Goose Day
National Dance Day
New Homeowner’s Day
School Principal’s Day
Stepmothers Day
Festival of Saint Efisio (Italy)

Quote of the Day

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” – Jonathan Swift

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Hope it was good for you too…

Life Happens… One Song at a Time

It hasn’t been too long yet since I started my job as a radio DJ on Mellow 94.7. It’s one of those jobs that I thought could only be a dream, and no more. Fortunately for me, I never really limited myself with my own glass ceiling and instead, naively set out to conquer the world.

Now as most of you know, there are many things in life that seem extremely simple from the outside looking in. This false impression makes many Guinness world records seem easy enough for a child to accomplish, but can be unexplainably complicated when you’re doing it yourself.  Well, DJing, is not really one of those jobs. It’s pretty easy, if you don’t stress out like an autistic genius in a room full of network marketers. Well, right now, I’m that autistic dude with pyramid scheming fudgetards approaching me left and right.

I don’t know why, but I have a tendency to want everything to be perfect, and it stresses me out when it’s not. Furthermore, I like planning things out two weeks in advance. So when I’m sitting in that DJ booth, two things usually happen. One – I try to plan the perfect shpeal uhhhh….. stutter… stutter…. I mean…. spiel… the perfect spiel every time I go on air. And two – I try to plan out the next hour full of adlibs, greetings, song requests, music, ads, time checks, sponsorships and the kitchen sink! Often, this results in a cluster f*ck of craziness.

So instead, I sat myself down and remembered the last time I was in a high pressure situation. It was my junior year of college and I (for reasons I still do not comprehend) ran as president for this international business organization, and WON. I was there at the first meeting with my team discussing (what seemed to be) the 500 tasks we had to accomplish within 8 weeks. This included raising a few thousand dollars, organizing two charity events, setting up professional mixers, interviewing about 50 professionals, taking in-depth exams per week, preparing presentations every week and more! Just imagine Donald Trump’s show, “The Apprentice,” with less glamor, more work and MORE DONALDS breathing down your neck!

I almost had a nervous breakdown that night.

With ways unknown to me, I somehow made it through that first meeting. Then, I somehow made it through the first night, then the next morning, the next afternoon, the next day and so on.  Eight weeks later, I was amazingly able to accomplish all the goals set out for me and my team. What I realized, was that you have to take things one step at a time.

“The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Chinese Proverb

I was stressing out when I thought of ALL the millions of things I had to do for the next eight weeks. Coz let me tell you, there was A LOT! But, if I break it down to one task at a time – one phone call, one email, one idea, one little meeting; then the big giant stress ball doesn’t seem so huge anymore.

I realized this while I was at work today.  I started to just worry about my next song, instead of the next 240 minutes. There is a lot you do need to do in radio – pick your songs, read some greetings, check messages sent over text, messages on Facebook, read the ads, make sure the right ads are playing, play sponsored songs, make sure your volume is ok, prepare the phone patch, get your background music going, give a time check, talk into the mic, get your news ready, then all back to getting the next song ready again coz the amount of time it took me to write this already caused that one song to pass….

Get it? Lots to do. But, instead of stressing on all that. I just need to take things one song at a time. It makes everything a lot simpler.

Somehow, they haven’t fired me yet from this DJing thing. So I guess I must be doing ok. One song at a time, I’m pretty good at that.

“Yard by yard, life is hard. But inch by inch, life’s a cinch!” -anonymous quote

Anyway, that’s my two cents for the day. Hope it helps you somehow. But I gotta go now…. My next song is up…

“Hey what’s up you’ve found “The G-Spot” Radio Show with me, DJ Vince G!”

“Up next is the song….”


Life Happens… One Song at a Time

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