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Niña Terol-Zialcita is a co-founder of Writer’s Block Philippines, an organization that helps aspiring writers break into the freelance writing market by becoming better writers and building their own personal brands. She has seven years of experience in freelance writing and has been published in MEGA Magazine, Cosmo Philippines, Metro Magazine, Entrepreneur, Philippine Daily Inquirer, among many others. Niña is also a political communicator, a blogger, a poet, a “changemaker” and an arts and culture enthusiast. It is through writing that she is able to explore and reconcile her various and sometimes unique interests.


YouTube Video of the Day

Funny Cartoon – “Diet Riot : Foamy The Squirrel”

Weird News

‘World’s Ugliest Dog’ dies at 17

Miss Ellie, a small, bug-eyed Chinese Crested Hairless dog whose pimples and lolling tongue helped her win Animal Planet’s “World’s Ugliest Dog” contest in 2009, has died at age 17 after a career in resort show business in the Smoky Mountains.

The Mountain Press reported Thursday that Ellie starred in shows at the Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge. She also appeared on The Animal Planet cable show “Dogs 101” and was on billboards and in a commercial.


On This Day – June 6

1944 – D-Day: 150,000 Allied Expeditionary Force lands in Normandy, France

1946 – 11 Basketball of America Assn teams meet to schedule 1st season

1966 – NFL & AFL announce their merger

1974 – 47th National Spelling Bee: Julie Ann Junkin wins spelling hydrophyte

1976 – 30th NBA Championship: Boston Celtics beat Phoenix Suns, 4 games to 2

1991 – NBC announces Jay Leno will replace Johnny Carson on May 25, 1992

Celebrity Birthdays

Kenny G, 54, saxophone player, born Kenny Gorelick at Seattle, WA, June 6, 1956.

#1 Song Today, June 6th in the 90s:

THE 1980s

1989 Wind Beneath My Wings Bette Midler
1988 One More Try George Michael
1987 You Keep Me Hangin’ On Kim Wilde
1986 Live to Tell Madonna
1985 Everybody Wants to Rule the World Tears for Fears
1984 Time After Time Cyndi Lauper
1983 Flashdance … What a Feeling Irene Cara
1982 Ebony and Ivory Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder
1981 Bette Davis Eyes Kim Carnes
1980 Funkytown Lipps, Inc.

Fact or Fiction

Today is known as “D-Day” a day when 150,000 Allied Expeditionary Force lands in Normandy, France, June 6, 1944 is the date during World War II when the Allies invaded western Europe in WWII

The D in D-Day stands for “Dooms-Day?”


June 6, 1944. In the early morning hours Allied forces landed in Normandy on the north coast of France. In an operation that took months of planning, a fleet of 2,727 ships of every description converged from British ports from Wales to the North Sea. Operation Overlord involved 2,000,000 tons of war materials, including more than 50,000 tanks, armored cars, jeeps, trucks and half-tracks. The US alone sent 1,700,000 fighting men. The Germans believed the invasion would not take place under the adverse weather conditions of this early June day. But as the sun came up, the village of Saint Mère Eglise was liberated by American parachutists, and by nightfall the landing of 155,000 Allies attested to the success of D-Day. The long-awaited second front had at last materialized.

What does the “D” in D-Day stand for?
The “D” does not stand for “Deliverance”, “Doom”, “Debarkation” or similar words. In fact, it does not stand for anything. The “D” is derived from the word “Day”. “D-Day” means the day on which a military operation begins. The term “D-Day” has been used for many different operations, but it is now generally only used to refer to the Allied landings in Normandy on 6 June 1944.

Why was the expression “D-Day” used?

When a military operation is being planned, its actual date and time is not always known exactly. The term “D-Day” was therefore used to mean the date on which operations would begin, whenever that was to be. The day before D-Day was known as “D-1”, while the day after D-Day was “D+1”, and so on. This meant that if the projected date of an operation changed, all the dates in the plan did not also need to be changed. This actually happened in the case of the Normandy Landings. D-Day in Normandy was originally intended to be on 5 June 1944, but at the last minute bad weather delayed it until the following day. The armed forces also used the expression “H-Hour” for the time during the day at which operations were to begin.

Reason to party today – coz it’s happy hour somewhere in the world.

“Sex and the City” TV Premiere

June 6, 1998. HBO’s modern comedy of manners focused on four fashionable women navigating the perilous waters of New York City’s dating scene. Starred Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw), Kristin Davis (Charlotte York), Kim Cattrall (Samantha Jones) and Cynthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbes). More than 10 million viewers tuned in to watch the 94th and final episode on Feb 22, 2004.

Moment of Zen

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.”  ~E.E. Cummings, 1955

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