OK, the two biggest things from the 2010 Emmy Awards are now trending all over the interweb! Yes, we’re talking about Christina Hendricks’ Boobs….. oh, and yeah some people are talking about BBT / Big Bang Theory Jim Parsons winning the 2010 Emmy for Best Actor too.

Jim Parsons beat out assumed favorite Alec Baldwin for the 2010 Emmy Award for Best Actor this year! It was a big win for geeks all around the world as Jim Parsons was thought to be an underdog and not seen as a likely winner…. (story of every geek).

So when the envelope finally came and the name Jim Parsons was announced, everyone, even Jim Parsons himself, was shocked.

Congratulations to Big Bang Theory / BBT lead actor Jim Parsons for taking home the 2010 Emmy for Best Actor.

But onto the real winners from the 2010 Emmys… that’s everyone who got to see Christina Hendricks cleavage!

Yes, just when we thought we were out to see some Emmys, Christina Hendricks came along and gave us a peek at her Golden Globe Awards!

I’m not a big fan of her outfit, but the jiggling that ensued within the outfit was priceless! Right below is a sample of the possibility of the jiggle. Below this gif image is the picture of Christina Hendricks’ actual lavender gown.

Of course, seeing these amazing photos of Christina Hendricks got me wondering as to what Christina Hendricks ‘ cup size may be? I mean is it even possible to get the Christina Hendricks measurements with just one tape measure? So many questions…. Anywayz, instead, I just found other Christina Hendricks breast pics…. enjoy!

BBT / Big Bang Theory Jim Parsons and Christina Hendricks are the BIGGEST Emmy Winners 2010