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I’m Hosting the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) Summit 2010

IMMAP Internet Mobile Marketing Advertising PHilippines Summit 2010

The 2010 Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) Summit hosted by Vince Golangco (DJ Vince G of Mellow 94.7)! This is the biggest and most important convention for the digital age where marketing, advertising and your money will all be key topics in this new age of consumerism.

I’m very excited to be a part of this event happening on August 19 and 20.

Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines IMMAP IMAP

Being a good communicator is a valuable skill for any field that needs an audience or consumer’s buy-in. Practitioners in brand management, marketing, advertising, direct marketing, communications, small, medium and big businesses, NGOs, IT, content, social media and media, can’t afford to miss the Philippines’ biggest and most comprehensive internet and mobile marketing conference.

A digital ripple is what any successful digital campaign could be. It is ‘viral’, ‘long-tail’, and a ‘breakthrough’. It is any campaign that spreads beyond your primary target market to become a part of pop culture.

IMMAP Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines


DAY 1, August 19, 2010, Thursday

1.  Keynote: Branding Strategy Goes Social and Delivers
2.  Mobile Engagement
3.  Engaging the Digital Native
4.  Work that Engages
5.  Mobile is Social
6.  Social Gaming
7.  Return on Engagement
8.  Going Social with Your Brand
9.  Digital in Measuring Brand Health
10. Blog Marketing

Note: The Boomerang Awards 2010 follows after the last session

DAY 2, August 20, 2010, Friday

1. Keynote: Digital Engagement that Delivers
2. Integration Delivers Maximum Potential
3. Lessons in Digital Engagement
4. Mobile Planning and Measurement
5. Integrated Planning
6. Activating Your Brand Thru WOM
7. Integrating Digital
8. Panel Discussions: SMEs, Search, E-Commerce, and Email Marketing

WHAT’S ON IN IMMAP SUMMIT 2010 Hosted by Vince Golangco?

Today’s traditional marketing models are changing into digital framework powered by digital practices and tools. The growing importance and ubiquity of online media resulted to the rise of netizens, online communities, social media and networking platforms.

With the compelling use of digital media and further growth in technology, Digital Marketing becomes a platform for ENGAGEMENT that puts consumers in the spotlight with brands as an ‘Enabler’. It is not only about when, how, and who can be reached, now it’s becoming what the consumers can do with you. It is about content that enables interaction and seamless delivery across all media.

Digital Marketing delivers on your KPIs – that is covering the essential indicators and measures to look out for in order to mount a successful digital marketing campaign.

The 4th IMMAP Summit 2010 hosted by Vince Golangco is the ideal program for marketers to discover, discuss, and exchange strategies on digital marketing engagement, case studies, and global best practices. The conference brings together Marketing Experts, Strategists, and Media to share and define the issues and best practices that shape the digital marketing landscape with like-minded professionals as Summit participants.

Start your own digital ripple! Meet digital marketing thought leaders in the 4th Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit 2010 on Aug. 19-20, SMX Convention Center, Manila, Philippines.

Register at http://www.immapsummit.com/ now!

DM Postcard list of speakers immap summit 2010 hostedy by Vince Golangco

Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines 2010

IMMAP Summit 2010 hosted by Vince Golangco


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***DJ Vince has been moved to “The Wake-Up Show” every weekday, Monday-Friday 6am-10am on Mellow 94.7

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LISTEN WORLDWIDE: http://Mellow947.fm

***DJ Vince has been moved to “The Wake-Up Show” every weekday, Monday-Friday 6am-10am on Mellow 94.7