The most anticipated sneakers of the holiday season is back. The new Jordan Retro 11 or the Cool Grey 11 (also called Cool Greys) have hit the market and people are in line at the shoe stores to see which shoe store outlets have the new Jordan Retro 11.

It’s a re-release of the Jordan 11 shoe from Nike / Jumpman brand line. It was definitely a hit back in the day. The new Jordan Cool Greys 11 feature the signature grey shoes but this time with the baby blue soles that  makes these Cool Greys 11 so much cooler!

Initial reporst say that you can find the Cool Gray 11 Jordan Retro Shoes at many shoe outlets like Foot Locker, Footaction, Finish Line and Eastbay. The only problem is that supplies are very limited for the Retro Jordan 11 Cool Greys.

Anyway, I want some Cool Grey 11 shoes myself. Hope I can steal me a pair soon. Good luck to those holiday Christmas shoppers looking to brave the lines at FootLocker, Footaction, FinishLine and Eastbay.

Jordan Retro 11 Cool Grays at Foot Locker, Footaction, Finish Line, Eastbay and other shoe store outlets nationwide.

Jordan Retro 11: Cool Grey 11 Foot Locker Release Date