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FREE Navi Belle De Jour Power Planners 2011 Contest

The Belle de Jour Power Planner is especially made for the Pinay fashionista achiever. The name Belle de Jour meaning “IT Girl” in French lingo, was coined by Darlyn Ty and her friend, Trisha Andres. This has been expanded to define “the modern-day renaissance woman who dares to achieve her goals, lives her dream life, makes a difference in her community, while doing everything in great style”.

Belled De Jour, along with Mellow 94.7 and WhenInManila.com are giving away some planners to help you plan out your 2011 new year!

2011-Planners-Belle-de-Jour-Navi-Planner-WhenInManila (4)2011-Planners-Belle-de-Jour-Navi-Planner-WhenInManila (8)

We’re giving away about 20 planners for you!!! 10 for girls and 10 for guys!!!

You can win for yourself or nominate a friend to win!

Giving away 6 on http://Facebook.com/WhenInManila

Giving away 4 on http://www.littlerunningteacher.com/get-your-own-belle-de-jour-and-navi-planners-for-free/

Giving away 2 on http://Twitter.com/VinceGolangco

Giving away more randomly on my show on Mellow 94.7 so tune in to find out how to win!

2011-Planners-Belle-de-Jour-Navi-Planner-WhenInManila (1)

2011-Planners-Belle-de-Jour-Navi-Planner-WhenInManila (9)



1. Post a picture of your (or your friend’s) 2011 goals on  the http://Facebook.com/WhenInManila wall (be creative)

2. Write a caption for the photo saying what you (or your friend) hope to accomplish in 2011

3. Copy and paste this and add it to your caption:

“Belle de Jour and Navi Power Planners contest from http://WhenInManila.com! Giving away Belle de Jour Power Planners to help me (or your friend) start the New Year right! More info here – http://bit.ly/g8Zc7A

4. Tag your friends in the picture


1. You and your friend need to follow @VinceGolangco (Twitter.com/VinceGolangco)

2. Copy and paste this statement, replace the blank with your friend’s Twitter name:

@VinceGolangco help my friend @__________ reach his goals w/ a Belle De Jour planner. 20 planners up for grabs- http://bit.ly/g8Zc7A

Winners announced Jan 3. All winners need to follow the golden rules.

From Facebook, we will automatically give the top two pictures (1 girl 1 guy) with most “LIKES” a Belle De Jour Planner each. Then, we’ll select four more, at our discretion, depending on the caption and the comments on the picture. Previous winners of any prizes from WhenInManila.com or from DJ Vince G cannot win through having the most likes, but can still win if we choose your entry.

For Twitter. We will select two winners (1 girl 1 guy) who followed the golden rules. Though not the determining factor, more friends nominating you may help your chances of winning.

Winners must be able to claim the Belle de Jour and Navi Planners at the Mellow 94.7 offices at Paragon Plaza, EDSA corner Reliance St. Mandaluyong and must have valid IDs.

2011-Planners-Belle-de-Jour-Navi-Planner-WhenInManila (3)

2011-Planners-Belle-de-Jour-Navi-Planner-WhenInManila (7)

2011-Planners-Belle-de-Jour-Navi-Planner-WhenInManila (6)

2011-Planners-Belle-de-Jour-Navi-Planner-WhenInManila (2)

FREE Navi Belle De Jour Power Planners 2011 Contest

Morgan Stanley’s most popular research report by Matthew Robson

Morgan Stanley releases research paper titled “Media & Internet: How Teenagers Consume Media” that talks about why teens snub twitter, how they enjoy viral marketing and how they won’t spend for anything other than movie and concert tickets as entertainment. This could well be one of Morgan Stanley’s most popular and publicized papers of recent times.

Oh…. and did I mention that it was written by a 15-YEAR-OLD!!!!!!

Well, at least we know that this one 15 year old kid, Matthew Robson, probably won’t have problems finding a job when he  needs one…

Morgan Stanley Research Paper by Matthew Robson here