When in Manila, you’re sure to find ways to be happy!

I remember a friend who toured his foreigner boss around Manila. On his last day, as the said boss was making his way to the Airport, he mentioned some things he noticed in Manila:

Boss: “I lost count of the people I see smiling.”

My friend: “Sorry, what did you say?”

Boss: “It’s been a habit of mine, to count the people smiling from the hotel to the airport in the countries I go to.”

My friend: “Okay…?”

Boss: “On the average, I see about 3-5 people smiling, but in the Philippines – I lost count!”

That’s the thing about us Filipinos. We love to smile even if we know life could get difficult, to be happy no matter what and we truly believe in happiness.

This is exactly the message of the latest song performed together by three of the best artists in the Philippines, Sarah Geronimo, Somedaydream and Gary Valenciano. The three artists collide to make one great song “Tuloy.”

It’s all about happiness and continuously nourishing that happiness by passing it on to others. It’s all about singing or dancing to your favorite tune, to shout for joy from your accomplishments and that sweet smile of people who follow their dreams!

Happiness is the new sexy!

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And the three artists embody that new level of sexiness.

Gary Valenciano is a living heritage. Through the years, he has exuded positivity and is a symbol of energy and refreshment. He definitely is MR. PURE ENERGY!

Sarah Geronimo is our present-day superstar: the girl who followed her dreams and a beacon of possibilities. The small town girl to talent search winner and right now – a SUPERSTAR!

Rez Toledo, or popularly known as Somedaydream, is the FUTURE SUPERSTAR. He is the up and coming talent in the Philippines and a shape of the things to come in the music industry.

Check out the official music video of Tuloy:


You can also download Tuloy here for FREE! So sing to it, dance with it and share the happiness to everyone!


Anyway, just in case you want to sing along, here’s the lyrics to the new hit, “Tuloy”





Kahit na anong mangyari

Ang Lungkot ay mapapawi

Buksan na ang saya

Malilimutan ang problema.


Di ka na magiisa

Sasamahan ka san man magpunta

Sasabay sa pag-ikot mundoy makulay

Hayaan mong mabigyan ng saya

Ang iyong buhay


Sa harap at likod, kaliwa at kanan ko

Hintayin mo lang di mag tatagal marararanasan mo



Tuloy lang ang saya

Tuloy lang ang ligaya

Tuloy lang talaga

Kaibigan at pamilya

(Iwanan na ang lungkot)

(Iwanan na ang inis)

Basta’t habang naririto ako

Tuloy ang happiness


Saan ka man naroroon

Sa gitna ng noon at ng ngayon





Sa harap at likod, kaliwa at kanan ko

Hintayin mo lang di mag tatagal mararanasan mo


Repeat Chorus 2x

Tuloy ang Happiness…




Biggest Artists Collaborate:

Sarah Geronimo, Somedaydream and Gary Valenciano