OK OK OK, sooooooo, apparently I won an iPhone at an event today!!! But…. I left the event early… to go to another event…. so I pretty much forfeited the iPhone…. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I just came back from crying in the shower and though it may take some time to fully recover from this (if that’s even possible), I’m going to try and sum up all my composure to tell you this story.

First of all I want to thank the cool people at Globe, especially my buddy and fellow video blogger: Coy of ThisisCoy.net for always inviting myself and Hannah (FlairCandy.com) to the cool events from Globe.

Globe-Flagship-Store-Launch-Win-iPhone-Samsung-Galaxy-Android-6 Globe-Flagship-Store-Launch-Win-iPhone-Samsung-Galaxy-Android-3

Tonights Globe event was indeed cool as always. They were launching their “Globe Flagship Store” which supposedly aims to provide top notch customer service and allow for hands on interaction with the phones, gadgets and gizmos that they have at the Globe stores.

Globe-Flagship-Store-Launch-Win-iPhone-Samsung-Galaxy-Android-3 Globe-Flagship-Store-Launch-Win-iPhone-Samsung-Galaxy-Android-7

This big event was held at the Ayala Museum to show off their Globe Flagship Store at Greenbelt 4.

Globe-Flagship-Store-Launch-Win-iPhone-Samsung-Galaxy-Android-12 Globe-Flagship-Store-Launch-Win-iPhone-Samsung-Galaxy-Android-17

What I thought was really cool about it was how they had legendary street guide Carlos Celdran there to walk us to the actual Globe store. For those of you who don’t know Carlos Celdran, he’s a guy who revolutionized the way we do walking tours and the way we look at the Philippines, one step at a time. He leads walking tours all around the metro called “Walk This Way” where he takes groups of tourists and locals around Metro Manila while humorously and articulately conveying the cool facts, history and info about certain places you pass by. Find out more about Carlos Celdran on his blog: CeldranTours.blogspot.com or follow him on Twitter at @carlosceldran.

Globe-Flagship-Store-Launch-Win-iPhone-Samsung-Galaxy-Android-15 Globe-Flagship-Store-Launch-Win-iPhone-Samsung-Galaxy-Android-18

Anyway, back to my story…

As I was saying, Carlos Celdran was there to walk us from the Ayala Museum, up the escalator to the new Globe Flagship Store. It was literally like 2 minutes away, but was still fun to finally meet Carlos and to have him say “Walk This Way” as he led us to the store.

So after doing that, I immediately left the Globe event even though they said they were giving away some phones at the end. See the reason I left was coz my other good friends Azrael, of Azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com and Jonel of LetsGoSago.net, reminded me of another event at one of the best steak places in Manila. My tummy was grumbling so I decided that it would be a good idea to leave.

I told Hannah that I was leaving, but she decided to stay as her “ESP” was kicking in, telling her she was going to win something. (ESP… yeah right!)

According to Hannah, her “ESP” actually told her that I was going to win something, but she didn’t think much of it and let me go my merry way.

Now comes the part where my life turns into SUCK!

I get caught in some CRAZY traffic along Makati Ave. I literally have to go like two blocks away but instead, this takes me like 45 minutes to do so. While I’m hungry, tired, in a rush and late for my next event (I HATE being late), I get this text message….

Text Messages 002

Followed by this one….

Text Messages 004

Then this one…

Text Messages 003

That’s about the time I freak out in the car…

Text Messages 005

I screamed, non-stop, for the next 26 minutes and 37 seconds that I had to drive in that god-forsaken hell hole of a traffic jam that’s called Makati Avenue to get two blocks down!

Finally I get there to my next event. I see the two other guys who won prizes but left early sitting at the end of the table, I gladly join them to share my new found grief with them, besides, misery loves company. I sit next to Azrael and Jonel and show them the text I received…

We then do nothing for the rest of the night other than remind each other about the stupidity that had taken place.

Jonel: “So… it’s ok, I’m sure this steak is going to be worth it…”

Azrael: “Yeah… we’ll call yours the Samsung Galaxy Steak! It probably tastes better than Vince’s iSteak!”

Vince: “Well, look on the bright side… at least my old phone is about to break down and I really need a new phone…. waaaaittt…. DAMNIT!”

Jonel: “Azrael, does your Android Steak have Google?”

Vince: “It’s all good guys, see if I was dying in the dessert, I couldn’t eat that iPhone to save my life! But this steak would nourish me!”

Azrael: “Yeah, but your iPhone would have GPS…”

Jonel: “And you could call for help…”

Vince: “I hate you all….”

We then take our own moments of silence and cry for a bit. We then named our little club as the “No Phones Club” which is, today, an exclusive club only for idiots that leave events before the raffles at the end.


So at the end of the night, I swing back by Greenbelt 4 to pick up Hannah. She gets in the car and starts talking about how her “ESP” told her I was going to win but she didn’t listen to it and blah blah blah about this ESP crap.

Vince: “That ESPN stuff doesn’t work!”

Hannah: “It’s ESP… and yes it does. It’s just like intuition or your sixth sense”

Vince: “More like sixth bullshit!”

Hannah: “Really, it does work.”

Vince: “Well ask your ESPN what number between 1 – 15 I’m thinking of right now!”

Hannah: “13”

Vince: ” … “

Hannah: “Did I get it right?”

Vince: “…. Lucky guess!”

After that I decided to just shut up and drive.

So what important lesson did we learn from all this? Well I’ll tell you later… I have this other event I need to go to now….


*Anyway I’ll tell you more about the really good, like phone worth good, steak place we went to on WhenInManila.com soon. —- *** UPDATED!!! Just posted the steak that’s better than an iPhone…. My iSteak here.

**Thanks again to Globe for the really cool event! Check out their new interactive store at Greenbelt 4!