I’m at the PowerMax “Insider Sectrets to Google Adwords” seminar right now.

The speakers include are senior Google Optimization specialist Simon Leung & Asia’s top Pay-per-Click expert Fabian Lim.

Here’s some insider info from the class which just started…. WAY TOO MUCH GOOD INFO HERE!!!!

Summary of 8 Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advantages:

1. Immediacy – fastest traffic generation method

2. Cost Effective – pay only when ads are clicked

3. Wide Exposure – 8 out of 10 web sessions start at search

4. Relevancy – ads appeared for targeted keywords or geography only

5. Controllable – full control of campaign budget

6. Measurable – reports on performance and ROI

7. Higher Conversions – targeted and relevant

8. Various Ad Formats – suits different objectives

10 Pay Per Click Steps to Reduce Costs and Increase PPC Conversions