Google sent the whole world in a frenzy as they started a countdown to some (according to them) BIG news!

Taking it’s cue from Apple, Google tried to pull off some Apple type magic with the unveiling of new changes at Google which everyone thought would be revolutionary! We all all hoping for a defining moment in history!

So what did Google unveil? What was the big Google Announcement?

Let me present to you… GOOGLE INSTANT!

It’s Google searches that suggests what you may be searching for at the type of every letter…

No….. that’s not a joke…. that’s really the big announcement from Google…

Yes I know it’s LAME as your grandma… but in all fairness…. some of Apple’s announcements are pretty lame too. The only reason they SEEM so cool is because Steve Jobs is onehellova speaker and promoter!

Steve Jobs could say that he likes cats and people would think that it’s the most revolutionary event in mankind’s history!

So lesson to Google…. get a Steve Jobs before you make us wait for a big Google Announcement then let us down with Google Instant Search which = FAIL¬†which¬†= LAME.

Google Announcement = Google Instant Search… FAIL