Just wanted to thank my friends from GeiserMaclang for inviting us to this cool event! It was really cool seeing my good friend DJ Shayla from Mellow 94.7 there as well. We weren’t expecting to see her there and it was definitely a surprise to find out that she was hosting the event.

They pretty much just gave us a teaser about the upcoming episode for Mythbusters where they were going to try to bust some myths from the movie: The Green Hornet.

We also got to see the premier of the 2011 film: The Green Hornet! I enjoyed it a lot and liked the humor in it. I never really got to see the original ones with Bruce Lee, so I guess I really didn’t have any expectations for the movie and thus was not too shocked by the supposed drastic change of approach as many loyalists have claimed.

When In Manila, I do recommend that you see the Green Hornet and that you also check out the Mythbusters Episode that talks more about the Green Hornets Stunts.

Green-Hornet-Myth-Busters-Discovery-Channel-Exclusive-Mythbuster (2)

On Friday, January 28 at 8:00 PM, MYTHBUSTERS will feature a Green Hornet Special episode with star and co-writer of the upcoming 3D action comedy The Green Hornet, Seth Rogen. The MYTHBUSTERS team taking on two exciting scenes from the upcoming January motion picture release.

Green-Hornet-Myth-Busters-Discovery-Channel-Exclusive-Mythbuster (3)

Green-Hornet-Myth-Busters-Discovery-Channel-Exclusive-Mythbuster (1)

The Green Hornet and his tech-savvy sidekick Kato are buried alive in the Green Hornet’s iconic car Black Beauty and blast their way out using the car’s built-in rockets. Adam, Jamie of Mythbusters and Seth re-create this explosive silver screen scene with a little TNT party.