Grade school vs. Middle school vs. High school.

Grade school : “Mommy, can I sit at the grown – up table?”
Middle school :”Ugh, I’m too old to sit at the damn kids table!”
High school:”Fück yes! I get to sit at the kids table!”

Grade school: ” Yes! Coloring books!”
Middle school :” WTF is this? 4th grade?!”
High school:” OK, who the fück took my red crayon?!??!”

*teacher is going to call your mom*
Grade school :”NOOOOOO! *sobs*
Middle school: “I don’t care.” *secretly worries*
High school: *feet on the desk* “Tell her I said HI!”

*watching “Finding Nemo”*
Grade school : “YAAAAY NEMOOOOO!”
Middle school : “Gaaay!”
High school:” Fück yeah, NEMOOO!!”

Grade school :” I wanna play in the snow!”
Middle school:”Ew, snow. I’m goin back to bed.”
High school: Dude! Get over here NOW! We are building a fücking snowman!!”

*at the park*
Grade school :”Jungle gym!”
Middle school :Ugh lame!” * sits on the swings*
High school:”Dude, watch me run up this bitch!”(slide)

Grade school :”Yeah! I got a gold star!”
Middle school :*other kid gets a gold star* “Freak!”
High school: Yo, check out my gold star bitches!”

*playing tag*
Grade school: “Never gonna catch me!”
Middle school : “You tag me & I’ll rip your throat out!”
High school:”Eat dust, bitches!!”

Grade school vs. Middle school vs. High school.