super-duper-excited-new-friendIt’s no secret that the more people you know, the more likely you’re apt to achieve the dreams you set out for in life, or get that cup of sugar you desperately need to borrow.

A network is power. It’s all about who knows you. It’s safe to say that the more people who know, and like you, the better off you will be in your professional and personal life.

But for someone to be considered a “friend,” you need to put in the time. That’s equivalent to a minimum of 26 hours watching movies, 11.5 hours in a car together, 15 meals with each other and at least one crazy experience that includes alcohol and a hot member of the opposite sex. In short, it takes time to make a new friend.

However, if you did put the time in, as listed above, to be someone’s friend, then there definitely will be a shared bond and comradely between you. Something that will show every time you get to hang out with each other. In fact, you’ll probably be missing them if you don’t get to spend of time with each other. When you finally get to see each other again, SNAP, just like that, instant connection and happiness between both parties that can be felt throughout the room.

And that’s exactly the little trick to make someone feel comfortable with you and put you on the right path to becoming friends. Even though you just met someone for the first time, always act like they’re a good friend from the past whom you haven’t seen in umph-teen years. This automatically lowers unnecessary defenses that each side usually sets up.

hug-like-old-long-lost-best-friends giant-hug-from-good-ol-friends

Before you meet someone, you’re usually self-conscious and wary of what others may think of you. You put on a front, a wall, to only show your best side. The other party is doing the same thing and what usually happens is that walls are set too high and in the end, no one gets to cross them. Which is why showing that you are open, friendly and happy to see someone else will instantaneously make them feel like you’re an old friend.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first, second, third or 75th time meeting someone. Showing them that you missed them and that you are excited to see them always makes others feel more at ease with you.

best-friends-forever-how-to-make-people-like-you-instantlyDon’t overdo it though; a big , genuine smile and a warm handshake is usually enough. Ask them how they are and be genuinely interested in their response. It’s kind of like the mannerisms of your pet dog. When you come home after a long day of work, who’s waiting for you at the door wagging his tail like he hasn’t seen you in forever? Well, have your body language set the same way. Smile with your eyes, listen to what they have to say and direct your body and attention to them. Oh and don’t forget to wag your tail!

Treat a stranger like a friend and pretty soon he will be. In fact, treat them like your best friend whom you haven’t seen since high school! You’ll also notice that you’ll soon be the life of the party as everyone starts getting excited to meet you or see you again. Just like an old friend…