The world we live in has a very bad habit.

It tends to judge each one of us by the jobs we hold.

We are today critiqued by the titles on our business cards.

Well I’d like to make one thing clear… I AM NOT MY JOB!!!

I am a human being with many other aspirations, ideals, passions and values.

Please do not think that my most important quality is is that I am a vice president, a manager, a director, an assistant or an intern.

I am not bound to the constraints of my livelihood.

I am more than just a janitor, a cashier, a salesman, a secretary, an architect, a teacher, a journalist, an actor, a marketer, a waiter, a writer or any other caption you may tag me as.

My value is not in my job.

My value is not my job.

My value is in my heart and in my mind.

I’d love to share it with you, if you could look beyond my business card.