A little watch sets out to conquer the world…

ICE-WATCH® will soon be the leading brand in its segment. These little watches with their vibrant colours, chosen from the seemingly infinite choice offered by the polymer industries, and their perfectly crafted packaging, are becoming more popular by the minute with hundreds of thousands of consumers. An estimated more than 3 million watches will have been sold by the end of 2010, with 250,000 watches being sold per month, at a rate of 5 watches per minute. How nice it is to be able to enhance our leisure and sports activities and our trendy evenings with a choice of perfectly matching watches, at minimal cost. ICE-WATCH® is making its mark every day by proving that it is ready to please by permanently adapting to our ever changing world, at a starting price of €59.

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Today, a massive production process is underway. In two years, ICE-WATCH® has obtained an exclusive distribution contract with 81 countries (Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia). It boasts 3,700 sales outlets in jewellers, design stores, fashion boutiques, 150,000 visits per month to www.ice-watch.com with 9 pages per visit, 1, 400,000 pages viewed, an average time of 4 minutes 30 per visit and a bounce rate of 25%, 20,000 fans on FACEBOOK in less than 6 months, 25 ICE-WATCH® partners at international level and 5,000 direct or indirect partners: the ICE-WATCH® phenomenon is literally exploding. On the flipside, production is not keeping up with demand as the forecasts for 2010 were way off the figures we are looking at today.

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ICE-WATCH® has had a retail presence since 2007. The idea came from its creator, the Belgian Jean-Pierre Lutgen, who through numerous trips in Asia and a network of trustworthy and reliable partners developed an ingenious idea and launched a global concept with its own visual, tactile, aural and even olfactory identity, showcasing a watch that is fun, hip, intergenerational, available in a complete range of colours, presented in a perfectly matching money-bank case, with a fine tuned and daring marketing strategy. In demand throughout the world both with the media and prestigious educational institutions, our self-made-man enjoys explaining how his dream has become a reality.

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Established throughout Europe, the brand was designed in Bastogne in Belgium, with creations whose style is a reflection of European glamour. The movements come from Japan, they are produced and assembled in Shenzhen in China and distributed from Hong-Kong. Each distributor has market exclusivity and a considerable degree of freedom of action, within certain strict guidelines: for example, the way that “ICE-WATCH®” is written must be scrupulously observed.

ICE-CHRONO-black-white-B ICE-WINTER-golden-leaf-U CHRONO-black-sili-U

Since starting out in this very protectionist sector, Jean-Pierre Lutgen has achieved amazing feats, driving forward his off- beat and extraordinary vision, this reworking of the classic watch into one with a new energy and a futurist sex-appeal, one which adds a totally new chapter to the rich heritage of watch making history. It’s for this reason that Belgium, aware of this story, wanted to honour ICE-WATCH®, by presenting it at the Shanghai World Exhibition.