Tune in at 8am on Sunday, June 13, as the UFO Workshop Mentors like digital filmmaker Edber Mamisao & stand-up comic Wilson Go promote their respective projects and talk about what a UFO Workshop can do for you. UFO’s film programmer Jake Atienza joins them for a morning of insightful talk, frequent laughs and hopefully give you all an earful worth listening to.

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confirmed attendees as of june 12:
edber mamisao  (digital filmmaker)
FilipinoCanadian filmmaker Edber Mamisao’s advocacy is to make everyone able to tell their own stories, by teaching them how to make their own films and empowering them in the process. To him it isn’t about having expensive equipment, it’s using what you have to efficiently tell the story.

jourdan sebastian (film producer who will teach “financing your film”)

wilson go (stand up comic teaching “the art of funny” for the 2nd year at ufo)
A rare bird in the local comedy landscape where tasteless slapstick and degrading insult humor seem to dominate, Wilson Go believes that laughter is one of mankind’s primary instincts along with crying and sex. Go also sees comedy as a way of dealing with and examining our personal pains and insecurities. Please come share the laughter and truth with him in his “STAND BY ME” A STAND-UP COMEDY WORKSHOP

jake atienza (ufo film screenings programmer)
Jake is a documentarist who is working with edber on a film project (ako si elvis) and also is documenting lady gagita & haronce’s “rise to fame” in Manila. He is helping program/organize the ufo film screenings to help independent filmmakers get more exposure among local audiences

albert alfonso (intern)
gary aldovino (intern)

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ufo Workshops started in 2009, the brainchild of writer/director Emman Dela Cruz (Sarong Banggi), who was inspired by the pioneering success of their independent movie company ufo Pictures (Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, Sarong Banggi, Endo) and the ufo Gallery (the baby of fellow creative Raymond Lee). The project brought together a diverse community of artists, filmmakers, creative Filipinos into the realm of indie filmmaking and art-making, cross-collaborations and cross-training, all towards a multi-disciplinary approach to working together.

Offering various creative disciplines for those who want to master their art or rekindle that creative spark, the Workshops’ longest-running series so far is Bing Lao’s Found Story (now on its third batch and gearing up for a regional tour). Whether its directing, short filmmaking, cinematography, writing, painting, dancing, a masterclass in acting—you ask for it, we’ll find the right mentor for you.

When ufo picks mentors, they’re looking for the kind of people who still foster professional relationships with their students beyond the classroom walls, helping them get a leg up in the industry or getting them to snap out of a creative rut. Open to everyone, and we really mean everyone because Emman has offered senior discounts, student discounts, early bird discounts and even installment plans to deserving workshoppers, the pay-it-forward mentality that rules the ufo Workshops means that we hope that one day you too will help elevate the arts community/film industry, recognizing that our differences can be our strengths, when tapped productively.

True to his personal advocacy for the “Filipino Creativity,” Emman Dela Cruz believes in the power of an alternative mentorship program as a driving force in creating the next generation of open-minded, big-hearted and community-based Filipino Creatives.

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