They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what they don’t say is what should be part of this ever so important first meal.

I myself need to be quick on my wits and ready for whatever the day throws me. Being a radio dj / writer / host / blogger… I tend to have all sorts of important meetings and events I need to be at all day long. Bouncing around from one venue to another while trying to stay sharp and focused can be a very tricky thing to do!

I’m looking for vitamins that will help me survive my long hectic days, to be in the fast lane and out of the rat race.


Finally, a friend introduced me to Berocca! It’s like instant fuel. Furthermore, I found out that most Berocca users are CEOs, so if you want to outwit them and place yourself within their ranks, you have to have their secret – Berocca!

Berocca is like instant fuel for the mind! In today’s world, it’s those sharp minds who have the big paying positions and sit at the CEO desk!


And I did my own research, Berocca is a clinically proven combination of B vitamins and essential nutrients with a unique synergy of B vitamins (helps release the energy from the food we eat), vitamin C (colds buster) and essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc (which are definitely needed by the body).


Berocca-breakfast-energy-drink-healthy-capsule-tablet-dissolve-in-water-wheninmanila-5 Berocca-breakfast-energy-drink-healthy-capsule-tablet-dissolve-in-water-wheninmanila-9

Anyway, Berocca comes in a very unique format: All I had to do was drop the tablets into a glass of water and I was ready to go on with the rest of my day with an extra boost of healthy stuff!

I liked taking mine early in the morning right before work to get my head in the game. Try it out for yourself!



Best of all, you can get the complete info on how exactly Berocca helps you perform better and why it gives you a boost by checking out their website here –