CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the Red Box Rockstar Rockathon Karaoke contest!

Each winner here wins a pair of rockstar packages to rock it out at the nearest Red Box Karaoke Bar!

If you need to see the Red Box Rockstar Karaoke contest rules and regulations, you can check out this link:


But now, congratulations to the winners!


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Sharon Gabejan

want to win this Red Box Rockstar Prize because we love singing..

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Levi Grace Ambon

This photo was taken as my creative shot for College grad a year ago. Me and my friends are social workers and we have a very exciting (and stressful) life. Our secret wish is to be ROCKSTARS (right Jing Suarez Nazareno, Juvy Mae Templonuevo, Clarra Sinco, Maecel Cayanan?) and you can help us fulfill that dream if we win the REDBOX ROCKSTAR ROCKATHON CONTEST! This is our way of de-stressing after giving our time for others (which is our pure joy). So please vote us and ROCK on! PLEASE LIKE THE PIC!! THANKS!

Red-Box-Rockstar-Contest-Winners-Karaoke-WhenInManila-When-In-Manila-win-kareoke (2)



Our picks:


Lawrence Fernandez

I want to win this contest for me and my girlfriend for we don’t want to destroy the eardrums of our neighbors when we belt out rocking tunes from our throats. I also think that When in Manila rocks big time!

Red-Box-Rockstar-Contest-Winners-Karaoke-WhenInManila-When-In-Manila-win-kareoke (3)



Jp Fortes

Me & my high school friends had a Rock Star themed party last year at Red Box. Every birthday party, we always thought of a theme & have photoshoots. Among our themed parties, we had Goddesses’ theme, Sex & the City, Rizal theme. I always look forward on our next themed party. And Red Box is always on our top list as a venue.

Red-Box-Rockstar-Contest-Winners-Karaoke-WhenInManila-When-In-Manila-win-kareoke (4)



Marla Guibao

True rockstars R♥CK even without an electric guitar 😉
DETOX!!! My friend and I seriously need one 😐 We really just have to belt out all the angst and heartbreak this past school year has brought us XD PROMISE. We’ll hit the notes like our college life depended on it XD

Red-Box-Rockstar-Contest-Winners-Karaoke-WhenInManila-When-In-Manila-win-kareoke (5)



Again, congratulations to the Red Box Rockstar Package winners!

You can claim your prize at Mellow 94.7 studios on Fridays, 6am-10am starting April 23, 2011.

The Mellow 94.7 address can be found on on the “INFO” tab.

Again, congratulations to the winners and thanks so much to our friends from Red Box!

Check out Red Box Karaoke reviews on coming very soon.

Rock on guys!