If you haven’t gotten your 2010 Christmas card from the Kardashians, then don’t worry, it probably just got lost in the mail somewhere.

But if you’re just an eager beaver and really want to see what the Kardashian Family is up to this year, then here’s your Kardashian Christmas Card 2010 preview.

All I can say is that I thought Christmas Family Cards should have the entire family there. First of all, Ryan Secrest isn’t even there!┬áStill┬ánot sure why Ryan Secrest was there last year, but either way, he’s family now. Second, there’s NO ONE else on this card! All I see is Kim Kardashian in a tight, skintight, long sleeve white gown that’s totally showing off her assets…. I don’t see anyone else on this card!

So yeah Kardashians…. you may need to do a better job on your Christmas Card next year! It’s almost as bad as that show you guys have…. where I ONLY see Kim Kardashian everytime!