I’ll be hosting a special screening of “The Last Airbender” tomorrow! Special thanks to Jollibee for this cool movie event. A quick shout-out to my friends from the Jollibee Marketing team led by the Brand Manager for Jollibee Kids Meals, Ms. Inna Gimenez and the PR Manager, Ms. Arline Adeva. Thank you very much for making another much-anticipated movie screening possible.

You know what else is making The Last Airbender movie more exciting? Jollibee has been giving kids and kids-at-heart like you and me more reasons to celebrate The Last Airbender’s big-screen debut. With every Jollibee Kids Meal, you can avail of toy collectibles from the live-action movie adaptation by director M. Night Shyamalan! For a meal that’s affordably priced from P71 to P97, you can already choose among four dynamic action figures who are all part of the legend of Aang.

There’s the Aang Hero Twister, which allows our adventure-seeking hero to soar to greater heights with his powerful wings. On the other hand, Sokka Side Flip showcases the youthful warrior’s powerful flip tactics despite having no bending control.  Also check out the Katara Water Blaster that shows off the Waterbender Katara’s great command over water. Lastly, there’s the Zuko Fire Spinner, which exhibits the ring of power of the banished Firebender prince.

You can get all these exciting collectibles at Jollibee until August 11, 2010.

Last Airbender Promo Pic