Life is too fast, you'll miss it if you don't slow down once in a while

Finally got to ride my skateboards again! It’s a great release for me that calms me down and allows me to have fun. We each have our own refuges, our own little worlds that make us feel alive and safe. For me, it has always been surfing and skateboarding. The funny thing is that I love it so much, that I actually enjoy it even more when I get to share it with friends. I have three surfboards and two skateboards. I get extra ones so I can take friends out… lol. Yes, I’m a big geek like that.

Anyway, this Motivated Monkey took out a pretty Flair Candy for my first skate session in the Philippines. Cool pics ensued…..

P.S. – Yes…. I have very EMO┬átitles for the pics…. lol

Vince the Motivated Monkey from Longboard Skateboarding at Boni High Street with Hannah the Flair Candy

Hannah of The world revolves

Shaking feeling Passing through life

Ghosts of the past and future haunt our present states This is SPARTA!

P.P.S. I definitely recommend doing this When In Manila… *wink