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Listing down all the stuff I talked about on air in case you wanted to check it out. =)

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WOW!!! Time sure flies when you’re having FUN!!! I feel like I just got on air but already, my time is up! Anywayz, talked about lots of stuff today. Thanks for joining me! Here’s a quick rundown of those things we talked about:

On Air Question – If you could vote for ANYONE to be President of the Philippines, who would it be? (other than those actually running)

Cool answers I got:

Mellow if evr napoleon bonaparte is stil alive and he runs 4 presidnt, i’l vote 4 him, our country nids discipline very badly. ��]METALLICA[��

Mellow hi dj vince i would like to vote for tim duncan cuz his so humble and he have many foundations to help the poor. Can you play semicharmed life thanx

Mellow Il vote for santa clause,so he cld mke evryday like christmas,reward d kind at heart…hope you cld play stuck in a moment frm:loi

MELLOW I’ll vote for Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man! He is the brightest and best futurist. Since he’s rich, you needn’t worry about corruption. -bryan_mmx

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Funny / Weird News:

Lord Jesus Christ (his real name) hit by car.

Victim, injured in crosswalk, is treated in hospital for minor facial injuries.

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. – The victim might have forgiven the woman who ran him down in aMassachusetts crosswalk, but police haven’t.

Police say a Pittsfield woman has been cited for running down a man named Lord Jesus Christ as he crossed a street in Northampton on Tuesday.

The 50-year-old man is from Belchertown. Officers checked his ID and discovered that, indeed, his legal name is Lord Jesus Christ. He was taken to the hospital for treatment of minor facial injuries and later released, according to the local paper.

LORD JESUS CHRIST gets ran over! Philippine elections and more

Other things talked about:

Join me tomorrow as I have my guest on my segment called “Edumacate Me.” My guest is a “Pick-Up Artist” who will be talking about dating and lifestyle coaching stuff. Really cool stuff to learn for guys and for girls to know about as well. I’ll be on air, Sunday, May 9 6am-10am and the guest should be here around 8am.

I will be covering the elections on Monday, May 10. You can find me on GNN, the Global News Network on Destiny Cable (usually channel 21). I’ll also be online at doing some citizen journalism coverage of the elections to keep it clean, fair and safe.


On This Day – May 8

1794 – US Post Office established

1877 – 1st Westminster Dog Show held

1879 – George Selden files for 1st patent for a gasoline-driven automobile

1926 – 1st flight over North Pole (Bennett & Byrd)

1942 – Aircraft carrier Lexington sunk by Japanese air attack at Coral Sea

1958 – VP Nixon is shoved, stoned, booed & spat upon by protesters in Peru

1967 – Muhammad Ali is indicted for refusing induction in US Army

1970 – Beatles release “Let it Be” album

1971 – Joe Frazier beats Muhammad Ali at Madison Sq Garden

#1 Song Today, May 8th in the 90s:

THE 1990s

1999 Livin’ La Vida Loca Ricky Martin
1998 Too Close Next
1997 Hypnotize The Notorious B.I.G.
1996 Always Be My Baby Mariah Carey
1995 This Is How We Do It Montell Jordan
1994 The Sign Ace of Base
1993 Freak Me Silk
1992 Jump Kris Kross
1991 Joyride Roxette
1990 Nothing Compares 2 U Sinead O’Connor

Fact or Fiction

Drinking coffee will sober you up quickly.


There are no shortcuts to sobriety. No amount of black coffee, cold showers, exercise, or water will speed up the process. Your body processes alcohol at a constant rate of approximately .015 percent of blood alcohol content per hour, regardless of gender, weight, height, age, etc. Only time will sober you up.

Reason to party today – coz it’s happy hour somewhere in the world.

1945 – V-E Day; Germany signs unconditional surrender, WW II ends in Europe

Quote of the Day

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
~Mohandas Gandhi

Thanks for listening to “The G-Spot”

Hope it was good for you too…