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It’s official! The 3D newspapers are here to stay from the Manila Bulletin!

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What’s really cool about this is that we also found out that the Manila Bulletin is definitely open to learning about the new digital marketplace and they’re trying to integrate themselves with the new times. Even better, is that we all found out that the Manila Bulletin knows how to throw one hell of a bloggers event!

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What Manila Bulletin did right, and many other companies have done wrong, is that they created an actual event that was so much fun, it’s actually worth blogging about. Instead of just giving the online publishers a press release that they would copy and paste, Manila Bulletin went the extra mile and gave everyone a fun filled experience!

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First was the venue. The had their event at a nice and cozy suite at the Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences along Leviste Street in Makati. It was the perfect size for the small, intimate gathering exclusive to bloggers.

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Secondly, the night was well organized, there was enough food, drinks and lots of friendly people to talk to.

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Third, the music was great! They invited Joshi Haas and Adam Arnold the new band called “The Gentlemen” who played nice acoustic sounds with both original songs and covers of famous other hits. Coincidentally, “The Gentlemen” are also top models which really scored more points with the girls…

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Finally, you can’t deny that cool prizes make an event awesomer times 100! And Manila Bulletin brought with them a plethora of cool prizes! They gave away designer eyewear from RayBan, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Burberry, Bvlgari along with top tech gadgets like the TWO iPod Shuffles, TWO iPod Nanos, TWO iPod Touches and an  iPad! Again, note that it was a very small and intimate crowd so lots of chances for everyone to win!

Here’s a pic of the guy that won the iPad!

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The Newspaper of the Future


You Have Never Seen Us Like This Before

On September 24, 2010 the country woke up and got a dose of good news accompanied by photos in vivid, three-dimensional colors, the first 3D newspaper in the Philippines. Along with the historical newspaper came 3D glasses which allowed readers to see their favorite newspaper with a new set of eyes.

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From that day on the Manila Bulletin, the nation’s leading newspaper, has fully embraced the advancing media technology; setting the bar in meeting the needs of the future generation.

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Take the Manila Bulletin Wherever You Go

Following up its ground-breaking foray into 3D the Manila Bulletin introduces an iPad application that allows readers to access the newspaper using their favorite Apple gadget. Also, anyone with an internet connection can access the e-paper at

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The First in the Philippines

Being the first to go 3D and rolling out an iPad application, the Manila Bulletin truly is a pioneering newspaper which has the courage and foresight to try new things for its readers.

The Manila Bulletin is looking forward to reinventing itself in view of the changing demands of present and emerging readers. But it never forgets the strength of its heritage of accurate, truthful, unbiased, and timely news.

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The Manila Bulletin, started in black in white in 1900 and went full color in mid-90s, has vowed to continue to innovate and adopt to the changing world of technology to serve the nation better to be truly the exponent of the Philippine progress.

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Download the iPad application here:

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Also thank you to all the cool bloggers who were there. Thanks to Elisa Aquino of for the cool black and white photo at the beginning and also to Cheryl Golangco for the pictures from

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3D Newspaper in the Philippines: The Manila Bulletin