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Keep your Active Body Protected: Safeguard Active Body Wash with 12 Hour Odor Protection



When In Manila, good personal hygiene is one of the most important aspects of living a clean and healthy lifestyle. As a very active person, this is even more essential as my body is constantly going through rigorous activities. So making sure that it’s well maintained is something that I take very seriously.


It’s like the way we take care of our car. It needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly so that it can look great. Regular washing and waxing while your exterior is still in tiptop shape is needed before it’s too late and your paint starts fading.




For my body, I’m very particular. I have a very strict routine that I follow to make sure that I’m healthy and clean inside and out. For my showering needs, I definitely turn to the Safeguard Active Bar with 12-hour Shield as it is able to keep up with my active lifestyle.


Try out the new Safeguard Active Bar, or Safeguard Active Body Wash yourself! See the 12 hour odor protection shield you need to live an active lifestyle!


See it put to the test with this video of the Beat Coach Rio Event here!




What you waiting for?! Get yourself the 12 hour odor protection now! Try out the new Safeguard Active Body Wash.



Beat Coach Rio event photos courtesy of Hannah from FlairCandy.com 


Keep your Active Body Protected: Safeguard Active Body Wash with 12 Hour Odor Protection

The Torotot Campaign: Save a Finger, Blow a Torotot

For the New Year in the Philippines, it’s become tradition, and a necessity, for many people to get the biggest, baddest and loudest fireworks to light up themselves.

Problem is, that every New Year in the Philippines, there’s also hundreds of people who end up loosing their fingers, or more, due to faulty fireworks.

It’s because of this, that we at Mellow 94.7’s The Wake Up Show have decided to run the “Toroto Campaign!” (Twitter #torototcampaign).

Just in case you’re not familiar, torotot is just local slang for the New Year horns or maybe we can even sort of compare it to the vuvuzelas from the World Cup that we saw a flurry of. Either way, a torotot is something that won’t take your fingers away by accident.

In many other countries, fireworks are actually illegal and only those with proper permits can have those dangerous light shows. Moreover, fireworks cost a lot of money! Why risk your fingers and pay a lot of money, just to blow it up?

So I say leave it to the professionals. Head over to the malls, hotels or other venues who will be having the professional and better looking fireworks this New Year!

Oh and my partner Tracy also had more suggestions on slogans for this #TorototCampaign:

Tumorotot ka na ba?

I love a big torotot

Two thumbs up! – Because I still have two thumbs #torototcampaign

My torotot is bigger than your torotot

Mas masarap, mas masaya tumorotot

Do it the Torotot way

But for now, I think we’re sticking to the Save a Finger, Blow a Torototslogan.

Can you add more slogans for us to promote this? Please tweet and be sure to use the #torototcampaign hashtag.

Have a very happy and SAFE New Year! Spread the word about the #TorototCampaign!


The Torotot Campaign: Save a Finger, Blow a Torotot

10 Strong Music Countdown on Mellow947: Top Ten Songs in Manila Philippines

Every Friday, my station: Mellow 94.7, does a countdown of the top ten songs on our playlist. We call it the “10 Strong Countdown.”

Here’s the list for this weeks top 10 songs in Metro Manila Philippines:


Here’s the top 10 songs on Mellow947 this Xmas week10Strong December 23, 2011


10.FLY – Nicki Minaj
9.WE FOUND LOVE – Rihanna
8.MISTLETOE – Justin Bieber
6.PUSH – Avril Lavigne
5.CRIMINAL – Britney Spears
4.DOMINO – Jessie J
3.IT WILL RAIN – Bruno Mars
1.A THOUSAND YEARS – Christina Perri

So I guess them Twihards came out to vote this week!


“a thousand years” is a brand new song me + my best friend david hodges wrote for bella + edward. we wrote it after we so luckily screened the movie + i couldn’t be more proud of this song. to all my fellow twihards, thanks for hearing the e/b love 🙂

Most Affordable Way to Stay Connected 24/7: Sun BlackBerry plan 999

I’m not sure about you, but in today’s fast paced world, it seems more and more obvious that to stay in-the-know, you need to be connected 24/7!

I swear that just being away from the internet for just a few hours and I’m already feeling out of the loop. From world news, trends, funny memes to just updates between friends, you need to be able to connect with them even when on the fly.

This is especially true for both your personal and professional lives as well. There are many jobs out there that need you to know exactly what’s going in this ever so changing world.

Now, it’s more affordable than ever to stay in touch with the rest of the world!

Enter the Sun BlackBerry Package Plan 999!

SUN CELLULAR Blackberry Mini Flyer front

SUN CELLULAR Blackberry Mini Flyer back

With this, you’ll get unlimited BlackBerry Services, unlimited mobile internet and unlimited call and text to the Sun network.

Emails, Facebook, Twitter, BBM and Instant Messaging (Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, etc) and so much more of your favorite sites all available at your fingertips for just 999!

You also get faster internet browsing care of the advance data compression technology that comes with your Data Plan, meaning you can surf the web faster than on most other devices.

For a quick minute, let’s just imagine how your world would be if you aren’t connected 24/7.


You may have never heard of Chris Lao:


You may have never know all the coolest trending memes:

success sun kid all the free internet


You may not have heard the newest and coolest songs:


You may not get the funniest Tweets:

will ferrel tweet


And you may be too late before you get to fix the mess your mom made on Facebook:




In short, When In Manila, get connected! Check out the Sun Blackberry 999 Plan today!



More info on http://www.suncellular.com.ph/postpaid_blackberry_plans.php



Most Affordable Way to Stay Connected 24/7: Sun BlackBerry plan 999 w/ FREE BlackBerry Phones


Berocca Breakfast to Keep the Brain Sharp and Witty

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what they don’t say is what should be part of this ever so important first meal.

I myself need to be quick on my wits and ready for whatever the day throws me. Being a radio dj / writer / host / blogger… I tend to have all sorts of important meetings and events I need to be at all day long. Bouncing around from one venue to another while trying to stay sharp and focused can be a very tricky thing to do!

I’m looking for vitamins that will help me survive my long hectic days, to be in the fast lane and out of the rat race.


Finally, a friend introduced me to Berocca! It’s like instant fuel. Furthermore, I found out that most Berocca users are CEOs, so if you want to outwit them and place yourself within their ranks, you have to have their secret – Berocca!

Berocca is like instant fuel for the mind! In today’s world, it’s those sharp minds who have the big paying positions and sit at the CEO desk!


And I did my own research, Berocca is a clinically proven combination of B vitamins and essential nutrients with a unique synergy of B vitamins (helps release the energy from the food we eat), vitamin C (colds buster) and essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc (which are definitely needed by the body).


Berocca-breakfast-energy-drink-healthy-capsule-tablet-dissolve-in-water-wheninmanila-5 Berocca-breakfast-energy-drink-healthy-capsule-tablet-dissolve-in-water-wheninmanila-9

Anyway, Berocca comes in a very unique format: All I had to do was drop the tablets into a glass of water and I was ready to go on with the rest of my day with an extra boost of healthy stuff!

I liked taking mine early in the morning right before work to get my head in the game. Try it out for yourself!



Best of all, you can get the complete info on how exactly Berocca helps you perform better and why it gives you a boost by checking out their website here – http://www.berocca.com

6 Week Challenge Results! Did my filthy dirty mouth get cleaner?


I have to be honest, I was a bit skeptical about how much one product could really do for my filthy dirty mouth.

Six weeks ago, I was invited as one of a few bloggers to participate in this reality type challenge where we put the Listerine Total Care Mouthwash to the test.

We were asked to have our mouth and teeth evaluated before a 6-week challenge of using their Listerine Total Care Mouthwash. We had our teeth checked by the renowned dental offices of Doctor Villareal at the Bonifacio Global City’s St. Luke’s Hospital.

See that full post of Week 1 here – http://vincegolangco.com/how-to/6-week-challenge-to-clean-my-dirty-mouth/




Following that was a thorough weekly update of what I was doing and how I was feeling after using the Listerine Total Care Mouthwash.


Week 1 here – http://vincegolangco.com/how-to/6-week-challenge-to-clean-my-dirty-mouth/

Week 2 – http://vincegolangco.com/events/week-2-clean-my-dirty-filthy-mouth-report/

Week 3 – http://vincegolangco.com/cool-people/week-3-listerine-total-care-challenge-to-clean-my-dirty-mouth-report/

Week 4 – http://vincegolangco.com/contests/manly-balls-in-my-mouth-challenge-accepted/

Week 5 – http://vincegolangco.com/motivational/five-5-total-care-ways-to-prepare-for-life-relationships-dates-careers-and-your-future/


And finally, after 6 weeks, I went back to St. Luke’s Hospital to see exactly what had happened in my mouth throughout these past few weeks.

The results we unbelievable! I was in for a surprise like no other!


Vince results


I was not expecting my plaque to go down 78%, my tartar to go down 91% or my gum bleeding to go down 89%!!!! The odor thing might look bad on the chart, but from the start, my odor index was actually low, at a score of 1 out of 5, meaning “there is barely any odor”.” So there really wasn’t much more to go down from from there.




The dentist even asked me if I had gotten my teeth cleaned. I told them that I didn’t and they seemed really surprised as well. They also asked if I flossed a lot, and I had to admit that I missed out on a lot of flossing because of my busy schedule.

Finally, the dentists asked if I used Listerine religiously in the past 6 weeks. I told them that I had used it at least once a day but mostly, I would used it every time after I brushed my teeth.

But even beyond the numbers, I noticed that my teeth and gums do not bleed anymore. This was something the dentists told me is actually caused by plaque and tartar building up and seeping into your gums. I originally thought bleeding gums just meant that I had “sensitive” gums, but it turns out, bleeding gums means you have dirty teeth and gums. So I’m very glad to have them nice, clean and not bleeding anymore thanks to Listerine!




Anyway, I’m a Listeriever (Listerine Believer) now! No more bleeding gums and I’ve never felt so kissable in my life!

So When In Manila, be sure to keep that filthy dirty mouth of yours clean to make sure you’re ready for any kisses that might come your way! Take the TOTAL CARE CHALLENGE yourself to be a LISTERIEVER too!


Meralco Emerging Technologies for the NEW Smart Home: The Future of Electricity


Ever since that first lightning strike and the discovery of electricity, the world had moved forward in dramatic ways! Taking us from the age of darkness into the age of light. Perhaps no other discovery or invention has come close to creating such a positive charge in the human race, except for the internet. Now, imagine if those two powerhouses can work together.


I was completely amazed at the recent Meralco exhibit where they showed off some of their up-and-coming technologies to help better improve the lives of Filipinos from all walks of life.


There was an entirely new concept of how we can consume electricity more efficiently and also how we can integrate the use of the internet to better secure our homes and save money and power.

Meralco-Electric-Co-Company-Metro-Manila-Philippines-WhenInManila-7 Meralco-Electric-Co-Company-Metro-Manila-Philippines-WhenInManila-9


From Smart Meters that allow you the option for prepaid electricity, to Smart Homes that presented modern day automated solutions for today’s appliances, it was all there for us to behold.


Meralco-Electric-Co-Company-Metro-Manila-Philippines-WhenInManila-6 Meralco-Electric-Co-Company-Metro-Manila-Philippines-WhenInManila-22

I was particularly excited about the “Home Area Network” feature where you could control your internet connected lights, locks, curtains, appliances and event thermostat of your home. With just a click of a button on your phone or tablet you could control everything in your home, without even being home. It just seemed like a great way to monitor your house and not having to worry on whether or not you locked the door or left some appliances running while you are out of town.


Furthermore, I was thoroughly impressed with the Meralco Apps that would give you information and access to Meralco services at your fingertips. You’ll be able to calculate which appliances contribute most to your electricity bill. You’ll also be able to know your Meralco bill details, locate the nearest Meralco business center, find out scheduled maintenance in your area and so much more, all available on your iPad, iPhone or Android powered device.

Meralco-Electric-Co-Company-Metro-Manila-Philippines-WhenInManila-32 Meralco-Electric-Co-Company-Metro-Manila-Philippines-WhenInManila-29


Overall, it was an exciting day and one filled with wonder about what more the future might bring.

Thanks so much to Meralco for having me at this eye opening and geek-gasmic event!




Meralco Emerging Technologies for the NEW Smart Home: The Future of Electricity

6 Week Challenge to Clean my Dirty Mouth

Challenge accepted!

Recently, I was asked to participate in a 6-week challenge to clean my dirty, filthy little mouth! I was challenged to see if we’re really giving our dental hygiene the proper and total care that it needs!


When it comes to health, you make sure you are always in tip-top shape. From exercising regularly to eating a well-balanced diet, you give yourself total care. But when it comes to your mouth, are you sure you are keeping it totally healthy? More than just freshening your breath and eliminating embarrassing bad breath, are you giving your mouth the best care it deserves? LISTERINE, the #1 mouthwash brand in the country, has introduced its newest innovation to help you give your mouth total care and achieve total oral health – LISTERINE Total Care Mouthwash.

Listerine-6-Six-Week-Challenge-Mouthwash-a-Healthy-2 Listerine-6-Six-Week-Challenge-Mouthwash-a-Healthy-3

As the most advanced and complete LISTERINE, Total Care helps deliver on the 6 essential signs of a healthy mouth. Its unique formulation of four LISTERINE essential oils with zinc chloride and sodium fluoride helps  reduce plaque, protects healthy gums, strengthen teeth against cavities, prevent tartar build-up to keep teeth naturally white, and kill up to 99.9% of germs for long-lasting fresh breath.

At the recent press launch of LISTERINE Total Care Mouthwash held in Oceana in San Miguel by the Bay, LISTERINE introduced to the media and dental industry the 6-week ‘Dare to Get Total Care’ challenge. Led by health-enthusiast and LISTERINE Total Care ambassador, Drew Arellano, the said challenge will be participated by dental professionals, as well as influential bloggers, who will document their 6-week journey towards achieving the six essential signs of a health mouth with LISTERINE Total Care.


L-R Karen Co, Senior Brand Manager for Listerine, Bloggers Vince Golangco, Hannah Villasis, Edelweiza Mabalay, Earth Rullan, Drew Arellano, Phoebe Ann Ramos, Calvin Lo, Azrael Coladilla and Ria Gatmaitan, Management Trainee for Listerine


I started my challenge today by visiting the Dental offices of Dr. Villareal in the Fort Bonifacio Global City St. Luke’s Hospital.

Listerine-6-Six-Week-Challenge-Mouthwash-Healthy-202 Listerine-6-Six-Week-Challenge-Mouthwash-Healthy-200

They tested the overall cleanliness of my mouth which we will again compare with my scores after this Listerine six week  challenge. I will update you weekly to let you know how it is going.

Listerine-6-Six-Week-Challenge-Mouthwash-Healthy-207 Listerine-6-Six-Week-Challenge-Mouthwash-Healthy-221



So after brushing and flossing, use LISTERINE Total Care Mouthwash and experience total oral health yourself! Also, follow the journey of the LISTERINE Total Care challengers or find out more information about taking the ‘Dare to Get Total Care’ challenge yourself!

Dare to get Total Care with LISTERINE

Challenge accepted!


6 Six Week Challenge to Clean my Dirty Mouth


Take the Wheat Grass: Grasstig Ka Ba health challenge at Watsons

Take the Grasstig Ka Ba health challenge at Watsons
When it’s summer, malling offers a welcome respite from the heat, work-related stress, boredom.

When you go to the malls this summer, you can drink wheatgrass juice for its all-round health benefits and get a chance to win cool items from the Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass Grasstig Ka Ba Challenge.

To join, just buy any of these Easy Pha-max products at select Watsons branches: 10+1 Value Pack, Wheatgrass Pure 30 sachets in a box, or Wheatgrass Honey 15 sachets in a box. Then go to the Grasstig Ka Ba Challenge booth and drink within five seconds one glass of Wheatgrass Honey to win one of these items (your choice): a Certified Grasstig shirt, tumbler or umbrella.

A purchase of Wheatgrass 10+1 Value Pack also entitles you to have a free live blood analysis (LBA) where trained nurses extract a tiny drop of blood from your finger tip. On a monitor, you see how your blood behaves inside your body. The LBA test shows the level of acidity in your body and helps detect health conditions you’re suffering from.

Called “super food”, wheatgrass purifies the blood, flushes out toxins from the body, lowers blood pressure and helps relieve constipation.

The Grasstig Ka Ba Challenge was held recently at Watsons outlets in Gateway Mall, V- Mall Greenhills, Market Market, SM Fairview Hypermarket, SM City North Edsa, and SM Mall of Asia. You can catch its final leg on May 7 and 8 at Watsons branches in Festival Mall and SM Megamall.

Easy Pha-max Phils. Inc. is the country’s leading distributor of wheatgrass-based health products.

Take the Wheat Grass: Grasstig Ka Ba health challenge at Watsons

Then and Now! How technology made my life better #NoonNgayon

Someone left a post-it on a note that was given to me in the office the other day. I looked down upon this yellow square piece of paper that probably took half a tree to make and thought to myself… WTF!


A Post it? I haven’t seen that in ages!  OMG, like really?

I just got me thinking about how much technology has improved our lives lately.

Instead of Post-its nowadays on my wall, I get posts on my wall from Facebook.


Instead of mountains of files I now carry around a tiny USB.


Instead of a courier pigeons or, even more ghastly: pagers, we all now have sleek cell phones that can call our friends direct instead of blurting out our most intimate words to an operator who types it out to be paged.


Oh and best of all, thanks to new technologies like Facebook, we’ve all moved on from those other prehistoric forms of communication… Friendster!

Life is indeed much better thanks to technology!

How has your life changed from technology? Join the Twitter conversation #NoonNgayon

Red Box Rockstar Rockathon Karaoke Contest Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the Red Box Rockstar Rockathon Karaoke contest!

Each winner here wins a pair of rockstar packages to rock it out at the nearest Red Box Karaoke Bar!

If you need to see the Red Box Rockstar Karaoke contest rules and regulations, you can check out this link: http://www.wheninmanila.com/red-box-rockstar-rockathon-karaoke-contest/


But now, congratulations to the winners!


Most likes:


Sharon Gabejan

want to win this Red Box Rockstar Prize because we love singing..

Red-Box-Rockstar-Contest-Winners-Karaoke-WhenInManila-When-In-Manila-win-kareoke (1)


Levi Grace Ambon

This photo was taken as my creative shot for College grad a year ago. Me and my friends are social workers and we have a very exciting (and stressful) life. Our secret wish is to be ROCKSTARS (right Jing Suarez Nazareno, Juvy Mae Templonuevo, Clarra Sinco, Maecel Cayanan?) and you can help us fulfill that dream if we win the REDBOX ROCKSTAR ROCKATHON CONTEST! This is our way of de-stressing after giving our time for others (which is our pure joy). So please vote us and ROCK on! PLEASE LIKE THE PIC!! THANKS!

Red-Box-Rockstar-Contest-Winners-Karaoke-WhenInManila-When-In-Manila-win-kareoke (2)



Our picks:


Lawrence Fernandez

I want to win this contest for me and my girlfriend for we don’t want to destroy the eardrums of our neighbors when we belt out rocking tunes from our throats. I also think that When in Manila rocks big time!

Red-Box-Rockstar-Contest-Winners-Karaoke-WhenInManila-When-In-Manila-win-kareoke (3)



Jp Fortes

Me & my high school friends had a Rock Star themed party last year at Red Box. Every birthday party, we always thought of a theme & have photoshoots. Among our themed parties, we had Goddesses’ theme, Sex & the City, Rizal theme. I always look forward on our next themed party. And Red Box is always on our top list as a venue.

Red-Box-Rockstar-Contest-Winners-Karaoke-WhenInManila-When-In-Manila-win-kareoke (4)



Marla Guibao

True rockstars R♥CK even without an electric guitar 😉
DETOX!!! My friend and I seriously need one 😐 We really just have to belt out all the angst and heartbreak this past school year has brought us XD PROMISE. We’ll hit the notes like our college life depended on it XD

Red-Box-Rockstar-Contest-Winners-Karaoke-WhenInManila-When-In-Manila-win-kareoke (5)



Again, congratulations to the Red Box Rockstar Package winners!

You can claim your prize at Mellow 94.7 studios on Fridays, 6am-10am starting April 23, 2011.

The Mellow 94.7 address can be found on Facebook.com/TheWakeUpShow on the “INFO” tab.

Again, congratulations to the winners and thanks so much to our friends from Red Box!

Check out Red Box Karaoke reviews on WhenInManila.com coming very soon.

Rock on guys!


Health is Wealth with the 10+1 Wheatgrass Value Pack


Health is Wealth with the 10+1 Wheatgrass Value Pack

More than 800 branches of Mercury Drug, Watsons and Rose Pharmacy across the country are now selling the new affordable Value Pack of wheatgrass juice in powder form by Easy Pha-max Philippines.

Easy Pha-max is the country’s leading distributor of wheatgrass-based food supplements that have the capacity to boost the body’s immune system and to fight diseases caused by bacteria and viruses.

The 10+1 Value Pack gives consumers more value for their spending, whether it’s for personal or family use. They get to save P39.50 because for every pack they purchase, they get one free sachet of wheatgrass pure or with honey.

Before April ends, the Value Packs will also be sold in 28 Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass kiosks and carts in major shopping malls in Mega Manila, Bulacan, Pampanga, Pangasinan, Baguio, Batangas, Cavite, Lucena and Cebu.

The promo, according to company officials, will run for an unlimited period to give consumers enough time to modify their lifestyles into a healthy one, thus helping them prevent or combat life-threatening diseases, including cancer. They can start switching to a healthy diet by drinking wheatgrass everyday.

Easy Pha-max is the only company that uses both the leaves and roots of wheatgrass to preserve the wonder plant’s rich source of  chlorophyll, nutrients, alkaline, vitamins and more than 100 active enzymes in every sachet.

Wheatgrass purifies the blood, flushes out toxins from the body, lowers blood pressure and helps relieve constipation.  It is best taken in the morning on an empty stomach and again in the evening before bedtime.

For more information, consumers can visit www.wheatgrasscan.com or can call 890-1111 or toll free 1-800-10-890-1111.


Crazy Funny Filipino Transformers: Pinoy Transportmers

Ok, this is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while! These are the local version, or the Filipino version of the transformers! Aptly called the TRANSPORTMORES!

The person who made these Transportmers is a freakin’ genius! Hats off to the Filipino who thought of this!

I now present to you, the Transformers from the Philippines / the Filipino Transformers – The Pinoy Transportmers!

Transportmers-Filipino-Transformers-pinoy-flip-philippines-pi-funny-noypi-pinoyz (7)

Transportmers-Filipino-Transformers-pinoy-flip-philippines-pi-funny-noypi-pinoyz (6)

Transportmers-Filipino-Transformers-pinoy-flip-philippines-pi-funny-noypi-pinoyz (1)

Transportmers-Filipino-Transformers-pinoy-flip-philippines-pi-funny-noypi-pinoyz (2)

Transportmers-Filipino-Transformers-pinoy-flip-philippines-pi-funny-noypi-pinoyz (4)

Transportmers-Filipino-Transformers-pinoy-flip-philippines-pi-funny-noypi-pinoyz (5)

Transportmers-Filipino-Transformers-pinoy-flip-philippines-pi-funny-noypi-pinoyz (3)

Crazy Funny Filipino Transformers: Transportmers

FREE TICKETS to Final Run of Rent the Musical in Manila Philippines

The FINAL run of the timeless classic: Rent the Musical is now here in Manila Philippines!

If you haven’t heard, the full article about Rent 2011 is here – http://www.wheninmanila.com/rent-the-musical-theater-play-3rd-run-in-manila-philippines/

Now get to see the special press screening of this amazing play! Get to see it exclusively on Feb 10, 8pm, for the special press screening of Rent!

Rent the Musical Theater Play 3rd Run in Manila Philippines

Win  a pair of tickets from WhenInManila.com! Here’s how:


1. Post a picture on our Facebook.com/WhenInManila page that inspires you and makes you think of this magical story!

2. Add a caption saying why you want to see the last showing of Rent the musical in the Philippines

3. Copy and paste this and add it to your caption:

RENT the musical in Manila for it’s FINAL run! Win tickets  from http://WhenInManila.com! Giving away two pairs of tickets for the exclusive press screening. When In Manila, please let me see this timeless theater performance!  More info here – http://bit.ly/ftrfoD

4. Tag your friends in the picture, including the friend you want to watch this play with.

We will pick two winners (each gets a pair of tickets) to see the special exclusive press screening of Rent! Your caption is worth 40% and the number of “likes” is worth 60%

Previous winners of any prizes from WhenInManila.com or DJ Vince are not eligible to win this prize.

Must follow the Golden Rules to win.

We will pick winners on Feb 8, 2011.

Short Courses at Modern Academy of Image, Culture and the Arts: New School in the Fort

A brand new school is opening up at the Fort Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Burgos circle area. It’s going to be a very modern school with top coaches who can help bring your career to the next level! They have real world training for you to be able to succeed in this very real world.

The Modern Academy of Image, Culture, and the Arts (MAICA) offers courses that empower the individual with a dynamic perspective and real life skills essential to successful, modern living.

Personal Financial_RESIZE copy copy

Modern Academy of Image, Culture and the Arts short courses in Personal Finance Management

Basic Photography_RESIZE copy copy

Modern Academy of Image, Culture and the Arts short course in basic Photography

Presentation Essentials_RESIZE copy copy

Modern Academy of Image, Culture and the Arts Presentation Essential Skills

Basic Lightroom Workshop_RESIZE copy

Modern Academy of Image, Culture and the Arts Basic Lightroom Workshop

Personal Advancement_RESIZE copy copy

Modern Academy of Image, Culture and the Arts Personal Advancement Program

“MAICA offers courses that empower individuals with a dynamic perspective and real-life skills essential to successful modern living” Tools to survive and thrive in the modern world.
Supported by Maquillage Professionnel, Pinoy Photographers, & Our Awesome Planet.
For course and rates. pls call us at 5695235/8468920

MAICA Address: 2nd Floor,Unit 2 Bellagio,Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines

MA ICA Contact Info: 846-8920/ 569-5235

MAICA Website: http://www.modernacademy.com.ph

MAICA Email: info@modernacademy.com.ph

FLYER_for print

Modern Academy of Image, Culture and the Arts / MAICA

Short Courses at Modern Academy of Image, Culture and the Arts: New School in the Fort

Christmas Donation Drive: Haven for the Elderly

elderly col ban 8x20

Christmas is the time for giving.

Though many of us often get overwhelmed with happiness from all the gifts we receive, we must remember that giving is what this season should really be for.

Sharing your blessings with those less fortunate could be the best Christmas gift you could give yourself. Goodness has a way of coming back to you ten fold.

This Christmans, WhenInManila.com is helping out ActivAsia Inc., a Media and Channel Activation agency to give some help to those who need it the most. This year, for our annual Christmas Outreach Project: “Masayang Pasko nila Lola’t Lolo”, we have tied up with Haven for the Elderly formerly known as Golden Acres so that gift and cash donations can be solicited on their behalf.

You too can become a big part of this project and make Christmas a truly merry one for all the Lolo’s and the Lola’s who have been abandoned at the Haven for the Elderly.

Donation boxes will be placed in front of major toll plazas, toll booths and in the Skyway Customer service centers along the South Luzon Expressway to collect donations from Skyway motorists such as clothes, medicines, soap, sleeping mats, cleaning materials and other items for the residents of Haven for the Elderly.

A Giant Christmas Tree lighting event along the Sucat Southbound Exhibit Area was held to kick-off the donation drive last November 29. During the turnover of the donations, we will be holding a simple Christmas Get-Together on December 15, 2010 with the residents at the Haven for the Elderly home in Quezon City.

We encourage donations (old clothes, sleeping mats, blankets, soaps, etc.) for “Haven for the Elderly” from readers/followers of WhenInManila.com starting November 29 to December 13, 2010. Donation drop boxes can be found at the following tollbooths, toll plazas and customer service centers:

  • Nichols A and B toll plaza
  • C5 toll plaza and customer service center
  • Bicutan toll plaza
  • Sucat Northbound and Southbound Exits
  • Bicutan Northbound and Southbound Exits

Donations can also be dropped off at ActivAsia’s office located in 291 St. Joseph Street, Oranbo Drive, Pasig city.

For more details and for the complete wish list of the lolo’s and the lola’s at the Haven for the Elderly you can check out their Facebook page at  http://www.facebook.com/ActivAsiaMedia

12inX18in poster COLOR revised

Christmas Donation Drive: Haven for the Elderly

  • ActivAsia in cooperation with
    • WhenInManila.com
    • Skyway
    • CMMTC
    • TRB
    • DOTC
    • DPWH
    • DSWD
  • Sponsored by
    • Nestle Koko Krunch
    • Nescafe Decaf
    • DOLE Philippines
  • With the participation of
    • The Philippine Star

NEW Tek Tok TV (Tech Talk TV) Logo

Tek-Tok-TV-Tech-Talk-TV-Nokia-C7-Online-Insurance-Experts-PH 087

We just wanted to say thank you to Nemory Oliver Martinez for hooking us up with this cool new logo for Tek Tok TV!

480,480 NEW

“Tek Tok TV” (Tech Talk TV) is your source for the most up-to-date news, topics and info from the world of geeks.

We talk about the latest trends in technology, gizmos, the internet, blogging and more!

Every week, live on GNN, we’ll feature gadgets, bloggers, tech experts, cosplayers and more of your favorite geeky stuff.

Tek Tok TV is part of the Global News Network’s Business Portal series. Every Wednesday, LIVE – 11am-12noon. Only on GNN.

The show is hosted by bloggers Vince Golangco of WhenInManila.com (also DJ Vince G of Mellow 94.7) and Hannah Villasis of FlairCandy.com.

Tek-Tok-TV-Tech-Talk-TV-Nokia-C7-Online-Insurance-Experts-PH 086

Nemory worked with us for a few weeks to creatively draw out a logo that perfectly reflected our TV show. He did an AMAZING job and we wanted to thank him.

Thanks so much Nemory!

Tek-Tok-TV-Tech-Talk-TV-Nokia-C7-Online-Insurance-Experts-PH 081

Manilas Best Kept Restaurant Secrets Awards 2010

MBKRS Awards 2010 Winners Crowned

The judges have spoken and the Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets Awards 2010 winners have just been announced at the grand awarding ceremony held at Enderun Colleges’ Culinary Center last November 24, 2010.

Chef J Gamboa accepts the award for Best Japanese RestaurantBobby Lim accepts the award for Best Bistro

Chad Davis, Cyrille Soenen, Javier Infante, J GamboaChef Cyrille Soenen of Cicou accepting the award for Best Hotel Restaurant-Fine DiningChef Robby Goco accepts the award for Best Specialty CuisineChefs Sunshine and Rob Pengson accept the award for Best Emerging Talent

Here is a complete list: Best Italian Restaurant L’Incontro Ristorante Italiano; Best French Restaurant La Regalade French Bistro; Best Spanish Restaurant Cirkulo; Best Japanese Restaurant Tsukiji; Best Chinese Restaurant Peking Garden; Best Continental Cuisine Antonio’s; Best Thai Restaurant AzuThai; Best Filipino Restaurant Café Juanita; Best Middle Eastern Restaurant Ziggurat Cuisine; Best Korean Restaurant Korean Garden; Best Indian Restaurant Kashmir; Best Central European Restaurant Mickey’s Delicatessen; Best Specialty Cuisine Cyma Greek Taverna; Best Steakhouse Mamou; Best Bistro Apartment 1B Gourmet Comfort Food; Best Restaurant-Bar The Establishment; Best Enoteca Galileo Enoteca; Best Fusion Cuisine Kai; Best Wine ListMasseto Wine Bar and Restaurant; Best Burger Joint Brother’s Burger (Bonifacio High Street); Best Dessert, Ice Cream and Cake Shop Bizu Patisserie; Best Newcomer The Goose Station; Best Hotel Restaurant – International Buffet Circles (Makati Shangri-La); Best Hotel Restaurant – Fine Dining Cicou (Hotel Céleste); Best Hotel Restaurant – Specialty Cuisine Inagiku (Makati Shangri-La); Best Hotel Bar Martinis (Mandarin Oriental); Best Emerging Talent Sunshine and Rob Pengson; Best Chef Antonio Escalante; Lifetime Achievement Award winnerMargarita Fores; People’s Choice Award winner People’s Palace.

Citibank's Alma Gruenberg and Bea Teh-Tan granting the award to Bizu for Best Dessert, Ice Cream and Cake ShopCitibank's Mattel Luna, Alma Gruenberg and Lynden CatapangColin Mackay of People's Palace accepting the People's Choice AwardDr Efren Vasquez accepts the award for Best Filipino Restaurant

The MBKRS Awards 2010 are presented by Citibank, who recently launched their Citi Dining Privileges program, in association with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews, including San Miguel Premium All-Malt, Super Dry, and Cerveza Negra. Leading accounting firm SGV&Co. witnessed the announcement of the winners at the awarding ceremony, which are the results of the online ballot voted on by the panel of more than 100 judges distinguished in the restaurant industry and other related fields, and compiled using the survey tool QuestionPro.

Edna Diaz and Tim YapElian Habayeb and Ines CabarrusFerdi Salvador, Tina Pamintuan wins Best Italian Restaurant, Gianna KesslerGail Gonzalez, Koby Parcell, Lexi Schulze-Testa, Johnny Revilla, Jay Labrador

It was a night filled with excitement and anticipation. Enderun’s Etoile Bar and Atrium were packed to the brim with restaurateurs, chefs, hoteliers, foodies and fans. There was food everywhere! Lavish spreads prepared by restaurants such as Mana-ish, Sugi, Alba’s, Cyma, Mesa, Ninyo’s, Sala, Zong, Chocolate Fire, Le Bistro Vert, Magyar Hungarian Restaurant, and Discovery Suites were laid out for guests to enjoy, along with great wines supplied byFuture Trade International, Brumms Quality Wines, Best World Beverages and Fly Ace Corporation, and coffee by Malonggo Coffee. Free flowing lifestyle brews, which are expertly designed to accompany food, were provided by San Miguel Brewery.

Indra Singh of Kashmir and Lara ParpanInes Cabarrus and Mari de TerryJack TuasonJavier Berenguer Testa of Martinis accepting the award for Best Hotel Bar

The evening was hosted by authors and organizers Ines Cabarrus and Elian Habayeb, who were joined on stage by presenters including F.A.S.H. on Lifestyle Network co-host Ferdi Salvador, foodie Gianna Kessler, WAVE 89.1 FM DJ Wendell Garcia, Phil Lux Manager Stephanie Kienle, food writer Marco Rodriguez, Olive Magazine Editor-In-Chief Stephanie Zubiri, San Miguel’s Erik Riola and Elaine Ninoza, Citibank’s Bea Teh-Tan and Alma Gruenberg, Zong’s Joshua Tiu and Women’s Health EIC Lara Parpan, Our Awesome Planet food blogger Anton Diaz, Cook Magazine EIC Nancy Reyes-Lumen, Chocolate Fire’s Koby Parcell, and megastar and Spoon on Net 25 host Janice de Belen.

Jessica Tan-Gan, Katrina Padilla, Alexandra RochaKitchie Diaz of The Establishment accepts the award for Best Restaurant BarLexi Schulze-Testa and Chocolate Fire's Koby ParcellLuis de Terry, Anton Diaz, Nino Laus

And what a crowd! The list of names read like a celebrity list of who’s who in the Manila restaurant industry: C’Italian’sChris Locher, Aubergine’s Norbert Gandler, Cicou’s Cyrille Soenen, Discovery’s David Pardo de Ayala, Chef Sau del Rosario, Chefs Sunshine and Rob Pengson, Chef Jessie Sincioco, Cyma’s Chef Robby Goco,L’Entrecote’s Chef Martin Kaspar, Chef Nino Laus, LU’s Luis de Terry, L’Incontro’s Tina Pamintuan, Caffe Caruso’s Dario Giardini, Bellini’s Roberto Bellini, Café Juanita’s Dr. Efren Vasquez, J and Malu Gamboa, Mari de Terry, Chef Adrian Cuenca, 4th Street Kitchen’s Michelle Pantoja with the dashing Santi Picornell, Colin Mackay, and Margarita Fores. From the hotel scene there included Mandarin Oriental’s F&B Director Chico Angeles and Manager Javier Berenguer-Testa with his lovely wife Lexi Schulze Testa, Sofitel General ManagerGoran Aleks, and Discovery General Manager Bobby Horrigan.

Marc de la Cruz, Tricia Tensuan, Ana Galang, Sau del RosarioMarilyn and Jess CabarrusMark Whittington and Kirja ParcellMichi Zepeda of Masseto accepting the award for Best Wine List

Other attendees from the foodie world included F&B World’s Nana Ozaeta, The Wine Steward’s Jay Labrador, actorJohnny Revilla, Living Well on QTV’s Ayee Domingo, Lifestyle Asia’s Cheryl Tiu and Lifestyle Asia Travel’sPierra Labrador, Dine Asia EIC Mary Anne Miely. The list goes on! Other guests included the lovely misses Sasha Haman, Alexandra Rocha and Jessica Tan-Gan, Enjoy Philippines’ Alfie Sy, Vanessa Fernando, Net One’sRaymond Rufino, 99.5 RT’s Ana Gonzalez, Tim Yap, Karen Grupp-Elizalde, UNO Magazine’s RJ Ledesmawith his charming wife Vanessa, Stram Events’ Tetta Tirona, Philippine Star’s Audrey Carpio and even the fabulous thespian Ms Cherie Gil!

Michi Zepeda, Elian Habayeb, Gail Gonzalez, Chad SoteloMurray Hertz, Peter Jentes and Ruth HungNancy Reyes-Lumen and Janice de BelenRJ and Vanessa Ledesma, Anton Diaz

Also seen were technology sponsor Optimind’s Wendy Ang, Kashmir’s Indra and Sirjan Singh, Mana-ish’s Philip Mazloum and Chef Majd Francis, L’Opera’s Abba Napa, and Apartment 1B’s Bobby Lim.  Also there were Citibank Country Manager Sanjiv Vohra, along with Citi’s Cecille Fonacier, Arlene Magtira, Mattel Luna, and Lynden Catapang, SGV&Co partners Rossana Fajardo, Vivian Cruz-Ruiz, Teresita Baes, Aldrin Cerrado, Sr. ManagerJuliet Bautista along with top regional execs from Ernst & Young Tokyo and Malaysia, and Enderun Colleges foundersJavier Infante, John Suits, and Jack Tuason, who gave the welcome remarks.

Rob and Sunshine Pengson with Janice de BelenSanti Picornell, Michelle Pantoja, Gianna Kessler, Sasha Haman, Oliver MenendezStephanie Kienle, Ines Cabarrus, Marco Rodriguez, Ferdi Salvador, Stephanie ZubiriStephanie Zubiri, Chris Gonzalez and Stephanie Kienle

TV sponsors covering the event include the Lifestyle Network, Channel V, Net 25, Studio 23, the Asian Food Channel, Living Well on QTV, and Cityscape on ANC.  Radio sponsors include Dream 106.7 FM, Mellow 94.7 FM, 101.1 Yes FM, 96.3 FM Easy Rock, Jam 88.3 FM, and Internet radio station musicandwineradio.com.  Magazine sponsors include Appetite, Lifestyle Asia, Rogue, Sense & Style, Uno, Women’s Health, Expat Travel & Lifestyle, Monday, 24/7 Nocturnal Navigator, Dine Asia, Circuit, Cook, F&B World, andEntrepreneur.  Newspaper sponsors include Manila Standard Today, Manila Bulletin, Business Insight,Daily Tribune, and Expat Newspaper.  Top food and lifestyle blogs supporting the MBKRS Awards 2010 include ourawesomeplanet.com, manilareviews.com, wheninmanila.com, foodiemanila.com, One Big Bite, gmanews.tv, dessertcomesfirst.com, and chuvaness.com.  Other sponsors include B+C Design, SATB, and Enjoy Philippines.

Chef Jessie Sinsioco and Elian HabayebJanice de BelenNorbert Gandler, Chris LocherNyco Maca

Visit www.MBKRSawards.com for more information on winners, nominees, judges, and sponsors of the MBKRS Awards 2010, and pick up a copy of the bestselling coffee-table book that inspired it all Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets, available at all major bookstores or by contacting 897-0087.

Pritchon by Mesa Filipino Moderne

*For more information contact Ines Cabarrus at 0917-816-0413 or ines@mbkrs.org

Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets Awards 2010

3D Newspaper in the Philippines: The Manila Bulletin

Manila-Bulletin-3D-Newspaper-Launch-Bloggers-Event-Picasso-WhenInManila (1)

It’s official! The 3D newspapers are here to stay from the Manila Bulletin!

Manila-Bulletin-3D-Newspaper-Launch-Bloggers-Event-Picasso-WhenInManila (17)

What’s really cool about this is that we also found out that the Manila Bulletin is definitely open to learning about the new digital marketplace and they’re trying to integrate themselves with the new times. Even better, is that we all found out that the Manila Bulletin knows how to throw one hell of a bloggers event!

Manila-Bulletin-3D-Newspaper-Launch-Bloggers-Event-Picasso-WhenInManila (18)Manila-Bulletin-3D-Newspaper-Launch-Bloggers-Event-Picasso-WhenInManila (15)

What Manila Bulletin did right, and many other companies have done wrong, is that they created an actual event that was so much fun, it’s actually worth blogging about. Instead of just giving the online publishers a press release that they would copy and paste, Manila Bulletin went the extra mile and gave everyone a fun filled experience!

Manila-Bulletin-3D-Newspaper-Launch-Bloggers-Event-Picasso-WhenInManila (12)

First was the venue. The had their event at a nice and cozy suite at the Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences along Leviste Street in Makati. It was the perfect size for the small, intimate gathering exclusive to bloggers.

Manila-Bulletin-3D-Newspaper-Launch-Bloggers-Event-Picasso-WhenInManila (7)

Secondly, the night was well organized, there was enough food, drinks and lots of friendly people to talk to.

Manila-Bulletin-3D-Newspaper-Launch-Bloggers-Event-Picasso-WhenInManila (5)Manila-Bulletin-3D-Newspaper-Launch-Bloggers-Event-Picasso-WhenInManila (19)

Third, the music was great! They invited Joshi Haas and Adam Arnold the new band called “The Gentlemen” who played nice acoustic sounds with both original songs and covers of famous other hits. Coincidentally, “The Gentlemen” are also top models which really scored more points with the girls…

Manila-Bulletin-3D-Newspaper-Launch-Bloggers-Event-Picasso-WhenInManila (6)Manila-Bulletin-3D-Newspaper-Launch-Bloggers-Event-Picasso-WhenInManila (9)

Manila-Bulletin-3D-Newspaper-Launch-Bloggers-Event-Picasso-WhenInManila (14)

Finally, you can’t deny that cool prizes make an event awesomer times 100! And Manila Bulletin brought with them a plethora of cool prizes! They gave away designer eyewear from RayBan, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Burberry, Bvlgari along with top tech gadgets like the TWO iPod Shuffles, TWO iPod Nanos, TWO iPod Touches and an  iPad! Again, note that it was a very small and intimate crowd so lots of chances for everyone to win!

Here’s a pic of the guy that won the iPad!

Manila-Bulletin-3D-Newspaper-Launch-Bloggers-Event-Picasso-WhenInManila (8)

The Newspaper of the Future


You Have Never Seen Us Like This Before

On September 24, 2010 the country woke up and got a dose of good news accompanied by photos in vivid, three-dimensional colors, the first 3D newspaper in the Philippines. Along with the historical newspaper came 3D glasses which allowed readers to see their favorite newspaper with a new set of eyes.

Manila-Bulletin-3D-Newspaper-Launch-Bloggers-Event-Picasso-WhenInManila (3)

From that day on the Manila Bulletin, the nation’s leading newspaper, has fully embraced the advancing media technology; setting the bar in meeting the needs of the future generation.

Manila-Bulletin-3D-Newspaper-Launch-Bloggers-Event-Picasso-WhenInManila (4)

Take the Manila Bulletin Wherever You Go

Following up its ground-breaking foray into 3D the Manila Bulletin introduces an iPad application that allows readers to access the newspaper using their favorite Apple gadget. Also, anyone with an internet connection can access the e-paper at www.mb.com.ph.

Manila-Bulletin-3D-Newspaper-Launch-Bloggers-Event-Picasso-WhenInManila (11)

The First in the Philippines

Being the first to go 3D and rolling out an iPad application, the Manila Bulletin truly is a pioneering newspaper which has the courage and foresight to try new things for its readers.

The Manila Bulletin is looking forward to reinventing itself in view of the changing demands of present and emerging readers. But it never forgets the strength of its heritage of accurate, truthful, unbiased, and timely news.

Manila-Bulletin-3D-Newspaper-Launch-Bloggers-Event-Picasso-WhenInManila (10)Manila-Bulletin-3D-Newspaper-Launch-Bloggers-Event-Picasso-WhenInManila (16)

The Manila Bulletin, started in black in white in 1900 and went full color in mid-90s, has vowed to continue to innovate and adopt to the changing world of technology to serve the nation better to be truly the exponent of the Philippine progress.

For more information, visit www.mb.com.ph or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKApkrUn2x4.

Download the iPad application here: http://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/manila-bulletin-mobile/id393490275T

Thanks to our friends from Nuffnang Philippines (http://www.nuffnang.com.ph), Thinline Advertising (http://thinline.com.ph) and from the Manila Bulletin (http://mb.com.ph) for this cool event!

Also thank you to all the cool bloggers who were there. Thanks to Elisa Aquino of http://thunderpopcola.tumblr.com for the cool black and white photo at the beginning and also to Cheryl Golangco for the pictures from http://littlerunningteacher.com

Manila-Bulletin-3D-Newspaper-Launch-Bloggers-Event-Picasso-WhenInManila (2)

3D Newspaper in the Philippines: The Manila Bulletin

Maxine Mamba found the Gspot Radio: Dating 101 w/ Vince Golangco (DJ Vince G) on Mellow 94.7

This was my radio guest, the beautiful Ms. Maxine Mamba.

Maxine Mamba found “The G-Spot” w/ DJ Vince G on Mellow 94.7.

She came over for a segment of mine called “Edumacate Me!” where the listeners and I try to learn new things from the guests we bring on air.

“Edumacate Me!” is a segment that’s part of the radio show called “The G-Spot” w/ Vince Golangco, a.k.a. DJ Vince G on Mellow 94.7.
It’s just my funny, non-academically-threatening-way of saying: educate me, where we try to learn something new every Sunday from the guests that come on air with us at Mellow 94.7.

Edumacate Me on the Gspot Radio! you can tune in WORLDWIDE http://Mellow947.fm/

Mellow 94.7 Sounds Good!

Maxine Mamba spoke with Mellow 94.7 radio host Vince Golangco (DJ Vince G) about DATING 101.

DJ Vince G got an “edumcation” about:

  • How to tell if the girl likes you
  • How to help the girl see the great you
  • How to break up
  • How to make girls run after you

You can find out more about Maxine Mamba on Facebook here – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Maxine-Mamba/446412125351

Vince Golangco is the Editor-in-Chief of  WhenInManila.com, Radio DJ on Mellow 94.7, TV show host of Tech Talk TV, writer, US Military Veteran & more.

Maxine Mamba found the Gspot Radio: Dating 101 w/ Vince Golangco (DJ Vince G) on Mellow 94.7

Looking for that one thing to satisfy your weekend morning cravings? We’ve got what you want! Here’s something to stimulate your senses, fulfill your desires and delight your innermost needs. You’ve found “The G-Spot” with DJ Vince G, the weekend morning radio show that’ll get you moaning, laughing, thinking, bumping and grinding.  “The G-Spot” with DJ Vince G, helping you pleasure yourself, only on Mellow 94.7 – Sounds Good.

LISTEN WORLDWIDE: http://Mellow947.fm

FREE Wellness Facial Treatments at a Luxury Skin Care Spa


Thanks so much for all the participation guys! It’s because of you that our friends keep giving us cool stuff to give away!

We’re giving away Luxury Facial Treatments at BlueWater Day Spa worth P3,000.00!!!

Blue Water Day Spa is the place where serenity wraps around you, comforting you amidst the chaos of city life. World-class quality standards ensure our customers emerge worry-free! We take pride of our experienced massage therapists and the latest spa technology to give customers the ultimate spa experience in the Metro.

You can check out WhenInManila.com’s review of BlueWater Day Spa here – http://www.wheninmanila.com/bluewater-day-spa-movie-theatre-massage-therapy/

You can win the Blue Water Day Spa Deep Cleansing Facial with Normal Mask

Deep Cleansing Mask Diminish skin impurities with this highly purifying treatment especially formulated for teenagers with acne problems. It cleanses, exfoliates and extracts deep-seated oil and dirt. The special mud mask tightens pores and reduces sebum production.

Eliminate blemishes and impurities and show off a clear skin with this oil-balancing treatment specially formulated to gently exfoliate skin and extract deep-seated dirt. This treatment works best with problem-prone and oily skin, highly purifying while retaining its natural moisture.

Effects: Reduces skin blemishes / Eliminates dull sallow skin / Prevents occurrence of pimples, whiteheads and blackheads / Balances skin’s moisture levels / Tightens pore

Results: Clearer and refreshed skin

We’re giving away two Deep Cleansing Facial with Normal Mask Luxury Treatments worth P3,000.00!!!



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Starrie Sun
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Maria Cecilia Bolalin-Loreto
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wanted to have a even one day to pamper, treat myself, to relax, to revive living energy, to be refresh and

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