It’s the last Tuesday, or as we call it on our show, “Topless Tuesday,” for 2011. So we wanted to ask you: “What are some things, events, memes, etc, that marked 2011?

Here are some of our favorite responses:

Rediscovering Mellow through The Wake Up show! Thanks a lot Tracy & Papi este Vince for bringing THE cheez every morning. More cheese on 2012! Stella

4 me when i saw vince shirtless photo,.. men! those bicept uhg!! en the nipples it makes me wanna pump it.. hi vince.

the m0st mem0rable f0r me in 2011 is the s0ng “FRIDAY”, very ann0ying s0ng, haha, and of c0urse the “T0PLESS BILLB0ARD OF PAPI in EDSA”., haha, way to go buddy… Love u WAKE UP SH0W..,

for me these mark the 2011 – the teach me how to dougie dance craze, shamcey supsup, maria aragon, julie anne san jose’s super bass and the first

2011 wedding of the year of Prince William and Princess Kate hugz SarahLou

All Time Low Live in manila marked my 2011. seeing my fave band perform live & got my cd signed is just the best thing ever! hapi new year! frm: moca 🙂

AZKALS tried their best to qualify in the world cup… But i guess their best wasn’t good enough… Boo Hoooo…. Cheeers!!!

Lee Zapanta I think that mark this 2011 is Football. the interest and excitement of the Filipinos is unexpected.

CYCLOPS SHARK unbelievable yet it’s real i just saw it awhile ago

Catherine De Guia The death of Steve Jobs marks my 2011.
He died on my birthday.. How sad 🙁

Ishi Gulapa Kim Kardashian’s divorce and Breaking Dawn part 1

Christie Andas When they took down NBA then t’was brought up again just this past few weeks. >:DD

Jay Felizarte Dooms Day “kuno”

Mica Dalisay for me the inclusi0n of our very own puerto prinsesa undergr0und river to the NEW7WONDERS

Gadiel Delatado I think its…. Uh….. Kim Kardashian’s wedding ring incident thing. And btw, please check such an awesome site!

Cervantes Kimpot Congresswoman Arroyo and Abalos being jailed.. Awesomest movie of the year – HARRY POTTER 7!!! Request for you and me by lifehouse

Lora Angela Ward The awesome concerts like 30 secs to mars and black eyed peas, korn, lenka, all time low.

Dodjie Mandaguet SENDONG he will be unforgetable . sendong, killer of 2011.

Roy Mico Miami heat not winning the crown

Jerome Sual The launch of ipad tablets?

Anne Resel The so-called “end of the world” last may


For me, I think it was a year off goodbyes, when we said bye to a visionary in Steve Jobs, and goodbye to our youth as the book and movie series we grew up to, Harry Potter, finally saw the last installment on the big screen this year. But it was also a year of discoveries, from music like that of Adele and Foster the People to new friends both for my personal life and professional career. Either way, it was a great year and I’m so excited to be on The Wake Up Show with you guys! We lasted the whole year and I’m looking forward to another great year with you all.

Cheers to 2011! Looking forward to 2012!

What Marked 2011 for You?