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Belle De Jour Power Planner Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the Belle De Jour Planners!

It was very tough, but we did our best to pick the entries that we thought needed these Belle De Jour / Navi Planners the most!

If you see your picture below, YOU WON! Twitter winners also listed below!

You need to claim your prize at the Mellow 94.7 station M-F 6am-10am while I’m on air for the Wake-Up Show. Send me a message to let me know when you’re coming so I can be sure to bring the planners at http://Facebook.com/djVinceG . Please BE SURE to bring a valid ID when you claim your prize.

The station address is:
Mellow 94.7
Unit 908 Paragon Plaza
EDSA corner Reliance Street
Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Be sure to stay tuned for MORE BIG CONTESTS this 2011! Connect with us on Facebook or follow me on Twitter to find out about our new contests – http://Twitter.com/VinceGolangco

Again, congratulations on winning the Belle De Jour Power Planners / Navi Power Planner contest!

Facebook Belle De Jour Planner / Navi Planner winners:

Blanche Inocencio – Belle De Jour Planner Winner

I am a 4th Year Nursing Student and at the same time, the president of our organization: Medical Missions and Outreach Program (MMOP).

This picture reflects the things that I want to accomplish on the year 2011.

After I graduate, I dream of helping other people more especially those who have greater health needs because that’s what my profession asks me to do.

Helping other people is my tradition and I don’t want to waste my time doing other things after I graduate so I am aiming for a year full of love and kindness to others specifically conducting more and more medical missions. 🙂

“Belle de Jour and Navi” Power Planners contest from http://WhenInManila.com/! Giving away Belle de Jour Power Planners to help me (or your friend) start the New Year right! More info here – http://bit.ly/g8Zc7A

Here’s my entry and I hope I win a BDJ Planner… I really need it so I carefully followed all the GOLDEN RULES… 🙂

1. I’ve already posted my picture on your wall,
2. The caption was already included,
3. I’ve already pasted (Belle de Jour and Navi Power Planners contest… fromhttp://WhenInManila.com/! Giving away Belle de Jour Power Planners to help me (or your friend) start the New Year right! More info here – http://bit.ly/g8Zc7A) at the end part of my caption, and
4. I’ve already tagged my friends 🙂

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to win a BDJ Planner for free 🙂
More power and God Bless! 🙂

Jelo Manongsong – Navi Planner Winner

Maintain my good health. Nagsimula na ako mag-gym kahit nagtreadmill lang ako. Mas gusto ko pumayat kaysa magkamuscles haha. Kahit minsan medyo nakakatamad gumising ng maaga, nagtitiyaga ako at malapit lang naman yung gym sa aming bahay, Walking distance lang! 🙂 Maganda rin naman sa pakiramdam kasi nakakapawis, nakakaburn ng calories at talagang makakaiwas pa sa sakit diba? hehe. Sana mamaintain ko ito next year. 🙂

“Belle de Jour and Navi Power Planners contest from http://WhenInManila.com/! Giving away Belle de Jour Power Planners to help me (or your friend) start the New Year right! More info here – http://bit.ly/g8Zc7A

Katrina Sta Ana – Belle De Jour Planner

It’s 2011, another year for all of us. Another set of goals, plans and moments of life. I want to start a year right with the positive outlook in life and I believe that God has really something for me but I just have to explore to find it out. One of the most important one is… I want to strengthen more of my relationship with God, of course maybe all of us will. I’m a real-believer of God and whatever life takes me, I always leave it to Him for I know “Everything has reason and purpose”.

Another one is I want to have stable job in my Nursing profession, I’ll be striving to get a better one this year. So If I successfully secured a stable job, I can help my family–support and provide their needs since my dad will be retiring soon because he’s old enough na and I really want to pay back all those supports I got back then. Maybe putting up a simple business for them would be good, probably a eatery/catering services since my mom really loves to cook. I also want to pursue my studies. So if I was able to get a stable job I can pay for my studies because I want to enroll myself on a graduate school someday.

Since I am a Nurse and being in a caring profession, I still want to continue my voluntary act in engaging myself in a Medical Mission. It’s a call to my profession. Helping people is the better thing I can do to my fellowmen as I provide them best quality care I can give. Seeing their smile is the best reward I can get because making others happy is also making God happy, too.

After all of that, Happiness for myself is also part of my growing up. I still want to enjoy life. Life is short so I make sure to live each day as if it’s my last day. Hey! I guess I’m getting older na so I might also wanting to find the right one that God has reserved for me. Hopefully by this year.^^ But I still I believe that it will come in an unexpected time, at unexpected place and with unexpected person. Obviously, I believe in destiny. 🙂

Above all, here’s my short-term goal for now, I’d like to have a copy of Belle de Jour Planner so I can have something to write down my plans, goals, objectives in life for this 2011. It could be useful for someone like me who prefers to write everything (e.g. plans, thoughts or whatever that comes to my mind). =)

“Belle de Jour and Navi Power Planners contest from http://WhenInManila.com/! Giving away Belle de Jour Power Planners to help me (or your friend) start the New Year right! More info here – http://bit.ly/g8Zc7A

Sonny Loreto – Navi Planner

“Change for the better”. The past year 2010 is a good year to us, and now I’m planning another set of goals for this another great year. My first priority is to have a more quality time to my wife and kid, because most of my time consumed in my job even in holidays. This year I want to have a great bonding with my family. Before year 2010 ends, I enrolled to gym to lower my blood cholesterol and I’ll continue it this year 2011 to have a healthy and physically fit body. In March 2011, I’ll be going in Toronto Canada for another job and I wanted to bring my family and have a bonding moments in Hongkong Disneyland. I’m planning to buy our own house and lot and car. I want to be a financial stable so I wanted to have a savings for the future of my family. By December, I’ll be applying for an educational plan for my kid and I’ll enroll her in some workshops to support her passion or interest like modeling, dancing and singing.
I really love to have this planner. I have a lots of itineraries, activities, goals, plans and dreams to jot down.
“Belle de Jour and Navi Power Planners contest from http://WhenInManila.com/! Giving away Belle de Jour Power Planners to help me (or your friend) start the New Year right! More info here – http://bit.ly/g8Zc7A

Lis Pav – Belle De Jour Planner Winner

I want to get pregnant this year and have our first baby. Having a baby is a very exciting part of everyone’s life. There are a lot of things to do and prepare for myself and my hubby. I had twice miscarriage, so I need extra care if I will get pregnant again. To get pregnant, there are a lot of things to consider like having the right diet, exercise, avoid caffeine, drink lots of water, take supplements for folic acid, get more vitamins and minerals, and getting enough calcium in diet.

Having Belle de Jour Planner will help to me in my pregnancy planning. So I can write down all the thing to consider to get pregnant, to monitor my cycle, the best time to get pregnant and appointment to an OB Gyne.

“Belle de Jour and Navi Power Planners contest from http://WhenInManila.com/! Giving away Belle de Jour Power Planners to help me (or your friend) start the New Year right! More info here – http://bit.ly/g8Zc7A

Eden Pagtabunan – Belle De Jour Planner winner
By 2011, I got loads of goals and plans waiting to be accomplished. First and foremost I wanted to put my trust in God 100% and to expand my faith in Him, He is my Creator, my Father and Guidance all in one. So i wanted to start the year for Him. I am as well planning to extend the adventure of my life by going to singapore first with my family and hopefully with enough courage I’ll be settling there and find a job in my field. I guess in order to be living alone there I needed a heck of a lot of courage. But then once I established myself there, I together with my partnership with my cousin would start a small retailing business here in our country.

Still I haven’t forgotten about my other passion in life, I would be happy if I find the person that holds the other half of the heart this year. And together with that taking care of myself isn’t a bad idea at all, so I plan to start my year in healthy lifestyle.

And learning photography and capture all those moments while I am watching 2011 pass me by would be the cherry on top.

“Belle de Jour and Navi Power Planners contest from http://WhenInManila.com/! Giving away Belle de Jour Power Planners to help me (or your friend) start the New Year right! More info here – http://bit.ly/g8Zc7A

Twitter winners –

Colwin Tanhehco / @Ccolwin – Navi Planner

Lyka dela Cruz / @heartbomb – Belle De Jour Planner

Karlo Reyes / @charlzeand7 – Navi Planner

FREE Navi Belle De Jour Power Planners 2011 Contest

The Belle de Jour Power Planner is especially made for the Pinay fashionista achiever. The name Belle de Jour meaning “IT Girl” in French lingo, was coined by Darlyn Ty and her friend, Trisha Andres. This has been expanded to define “the modern-day renaissance woman who dares to achieve her goals, lives her dream life, makes a difference in her community, while doing everything in great style”.

Belled De Jour, along with Mellow 94.7 and WhenInManila.com are giving away some planners to help you plan out your 2011 new year!

2011-Planners-Belle-de-Jour-Navi-Planner-WhenInManila (4)2011-Planners-Belle-de-Jour-Navi-Planner-WhenInManila (8)

We’re giving away about 20 planners for you!!! 10 for girls and 10 for guys!!!

You can win for yourself or nominate a friend to win!

Giving away 6 on http://Facebook.com/WhenInManila

Giving away 4 on http://www.littlerunningteacher.com/get-your-own-belle-de-jour-and-navi-planners-for-free/

Giving away 2 on http://Twitter.com/VinceGolangco

Giving away more randomly on my show on Mellow 94.7 so tune in to find out how to win!

2011-Planners-Belle-de-Jour-Navi-Planner-WhenInManila (1)

2011-Planners-Belle-de-Jour-Navi-Planner-WhenInManila (9)



1. Post a picture of your (or your friend’s) 2011 goals on  the http://Facebook.com/WhenInManila wall (be creative)

2. Write a caption for the photo saying what you (or your friend) hope to accomplish in 2011

3. Copy and paste this and add it to your caption:

“Belle de Jour and Navi Power Planners contest from http://WhenInManila.com! Giving away Belle de Jour Power Planners to help me (or your friend) start the New Year right! More info here – http://bit.ly/g8Zc7A

4. Tag your friends in the picture


1. You and your friend need to follow @VinceGolangco (Twitter.com/VinceGolangco)

2. Copy and paste this statement, replace the blank with your friend’s Twitter name:

@VinceGolangco help my friend @__________ reach his goals w/ a Belle De Jour planner. 20 planners up for grabs- http://bit.ly/g8Zc7A

Winners announced Jan 3. All winners need to follow the golden rules.

From Facebook, we will automatically give the top two pictures (1 girl 1 guy) with most “LIKES” a Belle De Jour Planner each. Then, we’ll select four more, at our discretion, depending on the caption and the comments on the picture. Previous winners of any prizes from WhenInManila.com or from DJ Vince G cannot win through having the most likes, but can still win if we choose your entry.

For Twitter. We will select two winners (1 girl 1 guy) who followed the golden rules. Though not the determining factor, more friends nominating you may help your chances of winning.

Winners must be able to claim the Belle de Jour and Navi Planners at the Mellow 94.7 offices at Paragon Plaza, EDSA corner Reliance St. Mandaluyong and must have valid IDs.

2011-Planners-Belle-de-Jour-Navi-Planner-WhenInManila (3)

2011-Planners-Belle-de-Jour-Navi-Planner-WhenInManila (7)

2011-Planners-Belle-de-Jour-Navi-Planner-WhenInManila (6)

2011-Planners-Belle-de-Jour-Navi-Planner-WhenInManila (2)

FREE Navi Belle De Jour Power Planners 2011 Contest

Real Leaf Paparazzi

I woke up, a bit dazed and confused. I think I must have been dehydrated or something, but I was totally out of it. I reach for something to drink, only to be disappointed by an empty water bottle. So instead I head downstairs to grab something refreshing. To my surprise, this is what I saw…


I’m blue-da-bun-di-da-da-a-da-bun-di-da-di... as the song quickly played in my head. Though more urgently, I had to figure out what was going on. I must have been hit hard while I was controlling my avatar and hanging out with the Na’Vi people, or perhaps I got teleported back to the 80’s and ended up with the Smurfs.

Where the Smurf am I!” I thought to myself.

Still dehydrated and frazzled from my awakening, I tried to look around for clues. Only problem was that my eyes kept focusing on one thing, a cute girl right in the middle of this smurfing twilight zone! I’m not sure if it was her long brown hair, her glistening eyes or her sultry lips that caught my attention, but there was something very different about her. Or maybe it was just the Real Leaf Green Tea she was drinking that had me drooling.  Either way, I knew I had to approach her.

I start making my way through the midget Na’Vi people, or the giant Smurfs (depending on how you want to look at it) to talk with the girl. MMMMmmmm, that drink she had looked good. I wonder if she was drinking this green drink to protect her from some blue disease that those around her were carrying, or maybe it was a super drink that made her invisible to the man-eating blue monsters. So many questions! I finally get close enough to her and as I reach for the girl with the Real Leaf Green Tea…


I get hit from behind my head by what I can only describe as a very heavy hand.


“What the hell you doing here! I told you I was busy with my photoshoot today!” said my sister. Apparently, I forgot that my sister needed the house for some photography session. Must’ve been my dehydrated mind and body that kept me from functioning well; perhaps I should do a better job at replenishing my body’s needs. Though it didn’t matter anymore, all I wanted to do now was  talk to the girl drinking the Real Leaf Green Tea. I turn around to talk to her but…

she was gone…

I look around and nothing. I search some more, and still, no smurfing sign of the girl with the Real Leaf Green Tea.

So I retreat to my room, beaten, but not broken. I open up my own bottle of Honey Lychee flavored green tea and drift away into a dream. Hoping to one day, again, find the girl with the Real Leaf Green Tea.