The Person Going Somewhere ran into The Man Right Here,
One lived in a place called “Not Yet There” while the other in a town real near.
Day after day, treating life like a race,
The Person Going Somewhere would be at a strenuous pace.
Off he rushed to his next meeting,
Not even time, to taste what he’s eating.
Finally one day, in the subway both men stay,
The Person Going Somewhere was in great dismay.
He whimpered, “ I’m always too busy,
And some call me crazy.
But see I’m trying to get somewhere,
So stop and rest, I do not dare. ”
The Man Right Here smiled because he knew,
What The Person Going Somewhere was feeling, for he’d been there too.
He said, “ My friend where are you going, do you even remember?
Or are you just used to running, from January to December?
Slow down a bit and look all around you,
So much beauty and splendor, you just rush past through.
Make time for what’s really important: family, friends and your wife Claire
Or one day you’ll finally reach where you’re going, and find there’s no one else there… ”

copyright Vince Golangco