On September 25, 2010,  join hundreds (and perhaps thousands) of new generation Filipino-Americans in making a journey to San Jose, CA to demonstrate to the world that we are ONE Filipino, and that collectively, WE do have a VOICE to make a positive difference.

There are a multitude of issues that plague Filipinos both in our ancestral home and abroad-from poverty and corruption in the Philippines, to division, lack of representation, and general apathy or lack of willpower here in the US.

Yet, I truly believe that we Filipino-Americans of the New Generation have the WILL to make true changes occur.  We are instilled with American ideals and well-educated. We can inspire an entire people with our sheer numbers and with the utilization of social media and the internet.  There is data supporting that if all the Fil-Ams in North America were lumped together, our collective Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or economic output, is greater than that of the Philippines.

We have the opportunity to show solidarity with our fellow Filipinos across the Pacific Ocean that we CARE.  It all starts with being ONE Filipino; that no matter where we are born, what citizenship we have, our ancestral roots will always be from one place-the Philippines.   An Opportunity has been presented to assemble, show solidarity, as well as have fun.  Our time is now.  Let us come together as one People.

I know that my participation in this event will make a difference.  YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE TOO.

Let’s start a chain reaction.  Tell a friend.  Join the movement.   Fly.  Drive.  Bus. Walk.  Ride.  To the rally on September 25, 2010, in San Jose, Ca.  Show up, tell others, and let the movement spread like wild fire.  This is YOUR movement.  This is OUR time.

Hundreds will be there at the rally and their voice will matter.  Will you be there with them?

Together, we can show our unity and make a difference.

For more information, please visit www.weareonefilipino.com or contact me at Ronald.magtanong@gmail.com.

We Are One: A Filipino American Movement to Engage President Aquino