It feels kinda weird starting over. I mean, that feeling of insecurity, of change, of uncertainty and of something completely new. Of course, after the unfamiliar start, most of the time you’ll find out that all those strange new feelings were nothing to really be afraid of.

On the other hand, to just move forward and drop that past decades of stories, insights, chemistry and to just act like it never even happened, that might be a whole different ballgame.

Either way, whether you’re all for this big change or totally against it, it’s happening and it is happening now!


DC comics has started to roll out their brand new issues. They are reinventing the DC wheel! DC Comics is coming out with 52 new #1 issues for their comic books. Familiar and age old stories like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and so many more are getting a brand new slate.


batman-robin-reboot-dc-new-comics-start-over aquaman-dc-reboot-new-aqua-man-dc

There will also be new characters, new villains, new origins and more, but many will also be very familiar in a nostalgic way.

firestorm-reboot-dc-comics-new-number-1-issues 5cdd1198db15aaa0230984d4590cb05950f2174f-Batwing_New_DC

DC Comics decided to try and invite new readers by starting over. It’s a reasonable idea as many of the young ones out there, and even the oldies who still want to get into it, may be overwhelmed at the sight or knowledge of a 500 book backlog they would have to read to understand why exactly Superman and the Black Lantern Corps were in their little pillow fight.

On the other hand, while trying to get new readers, the fear is that DC comics may anger and alienate the loyal fans and lifelong readers who know these characters like the back of their hands.

Catwoman-New-DC-rebot-change-new-costume-cat-woman new-supergirl-super-girl-reboot-dc-comics-justice-league

Either way, the bottom line is that the comic book industry, like the publishing industry, needs a boost.  Sales have been dwindling for comic books especially since the digital ebooks have been released on the same day as the hardcopy comic book now.

This DC Universe reboot may just be the breath of fresh air that the comic book world needs. Besides, it’ll give a more modern and current look at many of our favorite heroes who might still be hanging on to character flaws and personalities from the 60’s.

green-arrow-reboot-dc-comics-new-books savage-hawkman-reboot-dc-hawk-man

nusuperboy1 Teen_Titans_New_DC

One bright spot is that the Justice League #1 issue already has a preorder booking of over 200,000 issues!

Anyway, here’s the unofficial comic book and character I’m especially excited about! The New and improved Superman Reboot!


Ok, just kidding about that one. But seriously, I’m pretty excited for this one. Honestly, I haven’t bought a comic book in over 10 years…. but I actually have the urge to go out and get some of these titles. If not for the reading pleasure, but also for the collector in me. I mean, come 2034, they’ll be asking you: “Where were you when DC rebooted?” When you tell the youngsters then that you were too lazy to go out and get the collectors item #1 issue of Specialman… I mean Superman, they are going to give you a death stare like no other!

Here’s to a new chapter in DC’s and our lives. It’s time to move forward. Change is good. Let’s start over and make today the fresh start to the rest of our lives!