Today is the start of the rest of your life. Welcome to the new year. Today is the first Monday, and for most, probably the first work day of the new decade. With the new year and new business world ahead, have you made the aptly New Year Business Resolutions?

Many, many Americans and people from all around the world make New Year Resolutions. They do this to help kick start a better year with better habits or attitudes. Though, did you know that it is equally vital to have New Years Business Resolutionsto kick start your business as well.

Well let’s start off first by naming off the top five personal New Years Resolutions:

1. Get in shape / Lose weight
2. Spend more time with Family & Friends
3. Quit Smoking or Drinking
4. Delight in life more
5. Pick up a new leisure activity

All excellent resolutions and all pushing you in the aptly direction to start off the year. So for your entrepreneurial self or for your business mind, here are some top New Year Business Resolutions for you:

1. Have less meetings – Many a times, the thoughts and ideals get lost in too much “assembly time” but not sufficient expediting and application. Make a promise to yourself to spend less time debating on the color scheme for your new website and just build the damn website!

2. Promote your business for free – There are countless ways of promoting your business for free. From Facebook Fan Pages, Chirrup Tweets, Blogs, Friends in the media and ancient flames you used to mess around with, there are bridges and applications at your disposal. USE THEM!

3. Learn a touch new – Take a new class. Learn how to write better, learn how to do your finances, learn how to draw, just learn a touch! Besides, other than feeding your mind, you’ll also feed your social self when attending classes and assembly like-minded people, which of way brings me to my next business resolution,

4. Meet new people – You can never meet sufficient incredible and fascinating people in this world. Assembly new people makes you feel alive and young. It’s also tied in very closely with learning a touch new as there’s always a touch new you can learn from a new friend.

5. Don’t do tomorrow, what you can do today – Stop procrastinating. Do it, and do it NOW! No matter what it is that you need to do… just do it! (no we are not sponsored by Nike) What you waiting for? Less talk and more DO!

So what are your New Year Business Resolutions?

Top New Year Business Resolutions

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