There weren’t any BIG events of exaggerated movie trailers. There wasn’t even much news or even a hint of a buzz about this movie prior to it’s release. Randomly, I’m not even sure where, I briefly heard of some news about a surpirse movie hit that made millions upon millions over the weekend. I didn’t pay much attention to it as I was busy and had a million other things to do.

Then comes Wednesday, I worked the DJ booth at Mellow 94.7 for a mid morning shift then had to run off to a couple of meetings. The meetings were held at the Araneta Center area so I obviously would take advantage of this situation and have some Singapore Chicken Rice, my favorite restaurant there. Afterwards, FlairCandy and I decided to take a break from our crazy month of March and watch a movie. I’m REALLY happy we did.

I started to look online, while at Krispy Kreme, for movie reviews and went to RottenTomatoes.com. The first movie on their list was the new release “How to Train Your Dragon.” What immediately surprised me was the 97% approval rating plus the unlimited good reviews for this movie and how it made $47 Million at the box office last weekend! I automatically remembered the earlier news I heard about that surprise movie blockbuster. So we set off to see this animated dragon movie!

Oh here are two of the trailers for the “How to Train Your Dragon” movie. Though I must admit that these trailers SUCK! These trailers in no way depict the powerful emotions and wonderful delights that the actual movie portraits. I’m not sure if it helped out the movie as people were probably not expecting a lot from this, and thus got pleasantly surprised when the movie was actually good. Anyway, “How to Train Your Dragon” Movie Review below the trailers –

Fast forward to after we watched this 3D movie…

WOW!!!! That was totally like AVATAR GOOOODDDDD!!!!

EVERYTHING about this movie hit the mark! The dialogue was witty! The script was well written! The voice acting was perfect! The cinematography was captivating! The animations were great and the story was the best feel-good-but-not-too-cheesy amazingly awesome story ever!

“How to Train Your Dragon” is pretty much a story about fitting in. It tells it in such a way where you are drawn back to when you were a child, simply yearning to be accepted.

The main character for “How to Train Your Dragon” is Hiccup, the son of the Viking Leader who’s not quite “Viking Material.” He goes through this movie thinking that he just wants to fit in and that he need to be like everyone else. It isn’t until he meets a flying, fire-breathing dragon that everything starts to change.

Now what’s even better about this movie is the very unique approach to dragons. The movie had fat dragons, “suicide-bomber” type dragons, tiny dragons, two-headed (one head which releases gas and another head which ignites the gas) dragons, boiling-water releasing dragons, giant dragons and more.

Moreover, this movie ends up depicting the dragons as cats, which actually worked out really well. We all know how much the world, especially the internet, loves cats! We can tell because of the number of hits any video on YouTube gets just by having a cat in it. Furthermore, the success of sites such as “lolcats” is another testament of our fascination with cats. So the movie does an excellent job of implementing this love for furry little miowsters!

Again, everything about it ended up fitting in perfectly. This was a beautifully written movie that translated perfectly to the big screen which can entertain adults and kids alike. Of course, I only speak from the point-of-view of an overgrown kid… discretion is advised.




“How to Train Your Dragon” 3D Movie Review, Trailer and Info