Very excited to be at The Digital Lab – internet marketing seminar put together by BBDO and Proximity Worldwide! Great list of speakers and already learning a lot about today’s online media space.

Here are the speakers at The Digital Lab  powered by BBDO & Proximity Worldwide:

Richard Fraser – Regional Managing Director of Proximity Asia

Anand Tilak – Head of CPG, Finance, Education & Government category Google South East Asia

George Foo – Chief Operating Officer ihub Media Pte Ltd. Official Sales Partner Facebook in Southeast Asia

Samir Ahmed – Country Head of Deploy Digital

Read more about the speakers here – Digital Lab Speakers

It’s funny how no one is ever really an expert with social media and online marketing. The playing field keeps changing and it keeps getting more interesting.

So far, some interesting fact’s I’ve gotten, while barely 1/4 of the way through this, is that:

  • 70% of internet growth in the coming years will come from video
  • There are 2 Million emails sent every second
  • Bandwidth for 20 homes will generate more traffic than the entire internet in 1995
  • The Philippines leads the world in number of internet users who view online videos
    • Phil – 98.1%
    • Brazil 93%
    • China 89.1%
  • There are 1 Billion SMS (text) messages sent per day in the Philippines
  • 50% of active users in Facebook log in daily

Anyway, I’ll write another post later on with new info after I get them.