Entrepreneur of the Year Awardee and Chairman & CEO of PestBusters, Thomas Fernandez, and Profit Strategist of Maneuver Marketing, Sant Qiu will be sharing their business strategies and success secrets at the Niche Dominators Book Launch in Philippines on 27th Feb.

Book launch for “Niche Dominators: Success Secrets Exposedwill the on Feb 27 (Sat), 2pm at National Book Store, Glorietta 5. This is a follow-up on the authors’ National Bestseller “Secrets to Dominate Your Niche“. Both authors are Singaporean. They are Entrepreneur of the Year awardees – Thomas Fernandez and Profit Strategist – Sant Qiu.

Millionaire Entrepreneurs Share Some Never Before Revealed Business Secrets In Business Book To Help Businesses Through The Crisis

– Niche Dominators: Success Secrets Exposed

Manila, Philippines – Niche Dominators: Success Secrets Exposed is the follow-up book to one of the region’s bestselling business books, Secrets To Dominate Your Niche, which was also a bestseller in the Philippines and featured in the Entrepreneur (Philippines) magazine and The Philippine Star. Singaporean co-authors Thomas Fernandez, Chairman and CEO of PestBusters and Sant Qiu, Profit Strategist of Maneuver Marketing, share more of their real-life business strategies on how to create a niche, differentiate a business and dominate the industry in their usual no-nonsense, no-holds-barred writing style. This time, they have also gotten 10 highly successful millionaire entrepreneurs to share their business secrets as well.

In this follow-up book, the co-authors provide readers with specific and highly actionable differentiation strategies to show how one can dominate the market even if one is a latecomer in an industry, create strategic differentiations to stand out from the overcrowded marketplace, hit the hot buttons of their target market to motivate them to buy, and even how to gain market share by using the seemingly counterintuitive strategy of admitting a flaw in one’s product or service. They also include various interesting real-world examples of how companies, big and small; local and international, have successfully applied these strategies to become market leaders in their industries.

Readers will find it easy to implement these strategies in their own businesses as the authors have broken down complex concepts into simple, executable action steps that they can follow in a step-by-step manner. There are also detailed templates like an actual sales pitch letter and a customer relationship building process that one can adopt and adapt accordingly. At the end of each chapter, there is an Action Steps section guide that reads like a to-do list on what readers need to do to apply their newly learnt knowledge in their business.

In his Foreword for the book, Brian Tracy, an internationally renowned bestselling author, speaker and business consultant, wrote that Niche Dominators: Success Secrets Exposed“is not one of those ‘superficial, theoretical, positive-thinking’ kinds of books. Instead, you’ll find hard-earned insights and real-world business strategies that will give you a rare and intimate look into the closely guarded success secrets of top entrepreneurs.”

Jack Trout, recognised as the world’s foremost marketing strategist and author of iconic marketing books like Positioning, also Differentiate Or Die and his latest, Repositioning, wrote in his review of Niche Dominators: Success Secrets Exposed, “I’ve always advised companies that want to be more than they should be that, ‘It is better to be niched than to be dead.’ This book tells how to go about being niched.”

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Book Highlights

Chapter: Seas Of Opportunities

Be The Man With The Plan—Using the light-hearted example of the movie Ocean’s Eleven, the authors show how having a good plan can help one gain access to critical resources like money, expert manpower, etc, that can turn their business idea / plan into action.

Know Your Target Market Intimately—Citing the disconnect between what businesses offer and what the market actually wants as one of the reasons for the lack of sales, the authors show how businesses can improve results immediately by having better understanding of what their target market really want and position their products or services to match that.

Chapter: Grow Your Market Share With Credibility

Demonstrate The Difference—One of the ways to differentiate one’s products from the competitors is to do a visual comparison, like for example, the famous Dove “Litmus Campaign” that is still being used today to demonstrate the mildness of its soap.

Admit Your Flaw And Gain Market Share—To counteract the prevalent scepticism of a cynical marketplace, the authors propose admitting to a product or service flaw but with the twist of turning it into something that is positive for one’s prospects. It is like how popular furniture company IKEA explains the lack of assistance because customers can find the information they need on the price tag, which means that they don’t need to pay for help they don’t need. This was the same strategy that made the “Think small” campaign for the VW Beetle such a huge success.

Niche Dominators: Success Secrets Exposed also features in-depth case studies of 10 successful millionaire entrepreneurs in their own individual 14-page chapters:

  • Goh Kai Kui of Goh Joo Hin (owner of the New Moon Abalone brand)

He reveals how he focused on a specific target market to penetrate an established industry and grab a sizeable market share in a short period of time.

  • Dr David Tan of David Tan Medical Aesthetics

He reveals how he creates a strong competitive advantage and become the go-to aesthetic doctor for well-known local and international celebrities in just a year.

  • Ivan Lee of ThaiExpress Holdings

He reveals how he branded and differentiated his F&B business to build a $100 million empire in just 7 years.

  • Leonard Tan of PurpleClick Media

He reveals how he leveraged on a growing market trend and his expertise to build a million-dollar business in just 1 year.

  • Lynn Tan of Fusion Cosmetics

She reveals how she took over a non-performing brand and created the right positioning to make it into a leading hair care brand.

  • Michael Tien of Atlas Sound & Vision (distributor of the Bose brand)

He reveals how he used warfare strategies to rebuild a failed family business into the market leader for high-end audio and visual products.

  • Dr T. Chandroo of Modern Montessori International

He reveals his strategies for branding and growing one of the largest pre-school organisations in the world.

  • Merry Riana of Merry Riana Organization

She reveals how she used word-of-mouth marketing and social networks to build a strong personal brand.

  • Chan Chong Beng of Goodrich Global

He reveals how he turned the tables on an entrenched industry practice to become the dominant market leader.

  • Angelo Augustus of Pertama Holdings (Harvey Norman Singapore)

He reveals what are some of the selling and retailing strategies that helped increase his company’s revenue during a global recession.

Established and highly respected Singaporean entrepreneurs like Charles Wong, Managing Director of Charles & Keith International, Elim Chew, Founder and President of 77thStreet and Kenny Yap, CEO and Chairman of Qian Hu Corporation have also endorsed Niche Dominators: Success Secrets Exposed.

As Mr Yap said in his review of the book, “If you apply just one of the practical and rarely shared strategies and tools you discovered in this book, you can expect to see your sales skyrocket. I personally know some of the feature entrepreneurs and even I’m surprised to read about some of the secret strategies they used to dominate their industries.”

Inline with its concept of revealing success secrets from top entrepreneurs, Niche Dominators: Success Secrets Exposed’s book cover is designed like an open book. It has become a bestseller in Singapore and just recently started retailing in the Philippines through National Book Store chain. This 304-page book is retailing at P885.00 at all major National Book Store outlets from February 1 2010.