So I was reading my news and seeing what’s trending in the Googleverse. As always, I check the “Google Trends” of the hour to see what’s buzzing on the interweb. To my curiosity (or porn addiction as some might call it), I clicked on the trending topic of  “serena williams no bra.”

I went on my merry (A.D.H.D.) way, clicking on other things and having them all load at the same time. Maybe checking my other porn video download as well as my illegal music transfer rates, when finally I clicked back on that said “serena williams no bra” headline… then as I was about to read on… I noticed one thing…. in the “Related Searches” field… Google somehow matched up “serena williams no bra” with BIG FOOT!!!!!

Hilarity ensued…


Serena-Williams-No-Bra-Google-Trends-Related-Searches-BIG-FOOT - Copy