I really had to write about this! It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all year! I was literally LOL-ing for a good minute!

Anywayz, if you don’t know, Glenn Beck is this extremist conservative TV show host from the FOX News Channel. First of all, don’t be misled by the TV channel’s name, though it says “news,” it’s really more of a satire, comedy, brain-washing, politically biased or lobbyist channel – depending on their mood.

One of their main comedians, Glenn Beck, has a rally every so often to show off how cool he thinks he is. He had one today, and though I didn’t bother to find out what type of politically biased lobbying Glenn Beck had at his rally, I was able to catch an AWESOME tweet about that Glenn Beck Rally attendance.

RT @StuffMyDarthSays: “Good speech today, Glenn Beck. Reminds me of the time my master and I started ‘restoring honor’ to the galaxy”